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Best Kershaw Pocket Knives 2017 (REVIEW GUIDE)

For a prepper, no other multi-function tool is as important as a pocket survival knife. You can use it for preparing meals, building structures, defending yourself, and improvising in the wild.The best Kershaw knives are able to do that. our 2017 review to find out which knife will suit your needs. Quick Navigation […]

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Best Bushcraft Pants 2017 (REVIEW GUIDE)

The thrill of surviving the wilderness attracts many people into abandoning their comfortable homes for the challenging and unpredictable life amidst nature. This exhilarating hobby poses real danger especially to the ill-prepared. Insufficient equipment and inadequate clothing are bait for trouble. The wrong kind of trousers can especially make life miserable. Below is a review […]

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Best Survival Paracord Bracelets 2017 (REVIEW GUIDE)

What would you say if we told you that you could wear an entire survival kit around your wrist? It sounds ridiculous because it takes so much equipment to survive in the wilderness!However, that’s exactly why paracord bracelets are there! These bracelets, woven from strong cord and, normally, housing survival equipment, are the perfect choice […]

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