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Best Bushcraft Knife in 2019 (REVIEW GUIDE)

There is really no single perfect bushcraft knife. What works for someone else may not work for you. But, whether you want it for survival purposes, to put it in your emergency kit or rucksack, or just for daily life tasks, you may just be able to find the best bushcraft knife for your needs. In […]

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Best Bushcraft Backpacks in 2019 (REVIEW GUIDE)

Surviving in the wilderness is all about having the right tools at the right time. And to carry the tools you need, you have to have a decent backpack which can endure the rough conditions of the outside world. In fact, choosing the best bushcraft backpack to properly store your survival tools is one of […]

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Best Tactical Pen in 2019 (REVIEW GUIDE)

 Self-defense is a big issue nowadays, especially in places where you might find yourself alone after dark. Because of this, more and more ingenious tools of self-defense are being made… including the tactical pen. The tactical pen is a mixture of a self-defense tool, a survival tool, and a writing implement; it can be disguised as […]

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Best Tactical Flashlight in 2019 (REVIEW GUIDE)

Being caught in the dark during an emergency is never a pleasant feeling; in fact, it can be a true danger. But most flashlights are weak, and barely illuminate the immediate area; they certainly can’t be used for signaling. The best solution? A tactical ​LED flashlight! This is a powerful tool that you will come to […]

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Best Survival Lighters in 2019 (REVIEW GUIDE)

Anyone who has ever been stuck outdoors with a pack of wet matches knows how important is to have a good way to make fire. That’s why it’s a good idea for you to consider a survival lighter if you frequently find yourself in the wilderness, or simply want a way to light things in […]

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Best Boot Knife in 2019 (REVIEW GUIDE)

Whether it’s for protection, self-defense, a hunting/fishing trip, or for an emergency survival situation, a boot knife is a very handy device to have. Let us help you find the best boot knife for you. Because there are so many products to choose from, it can become a bit overwhelming when trying to select just […]

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