Best Archery Field Points

Best Archery Field Points in 2023 (REVIEW GUIDE)

I absolutely love shooting field points, more than any other arrow type. There’s aerodynamics involved and grain weight, which we’ll get into later, but there’s just something about the way the release feels that tells you it’s going to be a good shot.

My first archery trip was spent firing field points into trees in the woods of Maryland. I still keep them in my arsenal, and I don’t stick to just one brand or type.

So what are the best archery field points? In my opinion, and the talk of gents in my local archery club, Yeseje’s 100 grain archery field points are the best, most powerful field points available. The perfect weight distribution makes for a balanced shot, while the pointed tips pierce any target that they encounter. As a nice touch, they come by the dozen in a metal box for quality storage and safekeeping.

Field points are preferred by competitive archers, designed to enhance your power, and feel completely different when you tap that arrow release and send them flying. The following are the top four best field points on the market today.

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Reviews of the Best Archery Field Points

1. Yeseje 100 Grain Archery Field Points

Yeseje 100 Grain Archery Field Points

The Yeseje 100 Grain are my favorite field points. Made from stainless steel, these field points are sharpened to an end and penetrate almost any target.

The key here is grain weight for proper distribution. The points are evenly weighted, but there was some inconsistent information as to the total grain weight (some info says 125, others say 100).

In your package, you’ll get everything in a metal box that holds a dozen points. The box is nice and keeps everything safe.

Because these aren’t coated in anything, they’re not something you should use during misty or rainy mornings. They can corrode, so you have to clean them off before storing them.

Eventually, the tip will dull a bit, so you will have to sharpen it. This isn’t hard, but it will reduce the grain weight by 1-3 each time, depending on what angle you sharpen them at.


  • Balanced weight makes for a smoother shot
  • Sharp point penetrates all targets
  • Comes in a metal box for safe storage


  • Information on sales page has discrepancy: states 100 grain and 125 grain
  • No coating, so you shouldn’t use them during rain
  • Sharpening tips is required but will alter grain weight

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2. Southland Archery Supply Screw-in Field Points

Southland Archery Supply Screw-in Field Points

Southland is personally one of my favorite archery companies. They make great youth recurve bows, but they also make incredible field points.

With an anti-corrosive finish, these metal field points come in a wide range of weights from 75 grain up to 250 grain, and four different sizes.

The problem comes in with the screw points. If you compare them between the Yeseje field points above, these are a bit more difficult to screw onto your arrows.

They’re cheap, which is a bonus, but the packaging really shows it. They just come in a plastic bag with a chemical odor (from the finishing chemicals) and may need to be dusted off before you use them.

Southland made a great beginner field point that you don’t have to sink a lot of money into to get started, but keep in mind that sharpening can be a chore.


  • Durable construction doesn’t dull for a very long time
  • Available from grain weights of 75 up to 250
  • Inexpensive to buy by the dozen


  • Screw point is short, requires a bit of tough love to get these on
  • Curvature beneath point can make sharpening difficult
  • Comes in a plastic bag with a strong chemical odor (from the finish)

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3. Maifield Archery Bullet Field Points

Maifield Archery Bullet Field Points

Dou you want value? Twenty-four of these Maifield field points are available for a super low price, regardless of which tip you choose. There are three points to pick from.

The price only bumps up by a little when you go for the medium-sharp silver tips, but the sharp carbon tips are the way to go.

The initial carbons (11/32) are rather dull, so we don’t recommend selecting that point type out of the available ones. Apart from that, they’re a solid build.

If you’re someone who likes to experiment with different grain weights, you might be a bit disappointed.

Two grain sizes are available, and they’re dependent upon the tip type that you choose. They have a slightly larger diameter than standard field tips, so you do have to be careful to make sure it fits your carbon arrows properly.


  • Three different points to choose from with varying sharpness
  • Silver tips are polished and easily visible upon retrieval
  • Comes in 24 packs to save money


  • Larger diameter makes for more front load heavy shots
  • Only available in two grain sizes, dependent upon tip material chosen
  • 11/32’s are fairly dull, requires high draw weight to be viable

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4. Trophy Taker EZ OUT Field Tips

Trophy Taker EZ OUT Field Tips

Last but not least, Trophy Taker is a brand that’s known for its excellent customer service, and upholding its product-wide lifetime warranty.

That’s excellent, especially at this price point. There’s a good amount of weight distribution at play as well, so you have fairly even shots.

A quality field point for sure, but it made the bottom of my list because it’s only available in 100 grain, and the EZ-pull isn’t exactly easy.

It’s not the hardest arrow I’ve ever had to retrieve, but it’s up there. On top of that, while you’re mostly relying on the force from your draw weight to get it to stick in the target, the point still matters. This one is difficult to sharpen due to the oblong shape of the tip.

All-around, a good arrow with an impeccable warranty and good price, just not my first pick for a round of competitive shooting.


  • Great O-ring design for a stronger bond to the arrow shaft
  • Lifetime warranty on all arrow tips
  • Decent weight distribution for clean shots


  • Difficult to sharpen due to oblong tip shape
  • Not as easy to pull out of targets as is suggested
  • Only available in 100 grain weight

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Field Points F.A.Q. & Buyer’s Guide

Field points give you a faster and stronger shot, a longer range, and are overall the best bet for a competitive archery or target shooter. You can use them to hone your skills and become a masterful archer.

I’ll pass the question off to you: do you think field points are the superior arrow type, or do you enjoy using broads even when it’s just target practice?

To each their own, but if you ask me, target practice is a smoother process with field points.

What is a Field Point?

A field point is a type of arrow that’s designed with an aerodynamic advantage over other arrow types and shapes.

Traditionally, they have a tight angle on the tip, and curve outward to meet the diameter required to be affixed to an arrow shaft. This helps cut through the wind instead of working against it.

With field point arrows, you lose less momentum when firing at long range than you would with broad arrows. That means more power when you release your shot.

In competitive archery in the Olympics, they almost exclusively use field point arrows for the added effects.

Are All Field Points Screw-In?

No, there are glue-on and glue-in field points as well. Screw-ins are your best bet since they account for about 80% of all aftermarket arrow tips. They’re quick to apply to your arrow shafts, and are just as strong as any other option. They won’t break or loosen from retrieving the arrow out of targets.

Glue-in tips mean that you use metal soldering to place the base of the arrow tip inside of the arrow shaft and affix it like that. Glue-on tips mean that the shaft fits inside of the arrow tip (like you’re capping the arrow shaft), and you solder it in that way.

Can I Use Field Points for Hunting?

You can, but it’s not recommended. Field points are aerodynamic, which makes them better for long-range shooting in a competitive environment. They’re designed for targets, not game.

Some field points can be considered hybrid arrows, so you may use them for hunting if you wish, but traditionally they will not do as much damage to your target.

Broad points are considered the best for hunting.

My Choice for the Best Archery Field Points

The Yeseje 100 Grain points are my top pick for the best field points, for personal preference, and also for the power that it has. The tips are a bit big, but they are sharp as a tack and stick into targets without shredding them.

Overall, between the weight distribution and the metal storage case that they come in, it’s a pretty solid bet for me. I unscrew them and store them after every round of target practice, and while I do have to ensure they don’t corrode, they’re beyond worth it.

Top Rated Field Points

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