Fish finder

Are Fish Finders Worth It

Fishing is an essential survival skill, learning it can be very useful if you’re the outdoorsy type—the same can be said for emergencies. For newbies to the sport, here’s the biggest dilemma: Are fish finders worth it? Can the right fish finder really make everything easier? Let’s get on with the basics. Are Fish Finders …

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Survival Paracord Bracelets

How Much Paracord Do I Need

A survival bracelet may come in handy when you go out for ab adventure. This handy accessory is made of woven paracord, a nylon cord that has been used for parachutes since World War II. It serves many different purposes, especially during emergencies. However, the question still stands: “how much paracord do I need?” How …

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Kershaw pocket knife in a snowy wood

Best Kershaw Pocket Knives in 2023

For a prepper, no other multi-function tool is as important as ​pocket survival kni​ves, like the ones made by Kershaw. You can use ​one for preparing meals, building structures, defending yourself, and improvising in the wild. So what is the best Kershaw knife? My personal favorite is the ​Kershaw ​Blur ​Pocket Knife. ​It ​accomplishes ​all …

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