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What Is A Bug Out Shelter (GUIDE TIPS)

Scouts all over the world live by this mantra – “Always be prepared” and so should you!In this day and age, when there are so many triggers that could lead to global destruction, it pays to be prepared for any eventuality – be it a zombie apocalypse, another financial downturn, or a nuclear blast which […]

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How Much Ammo For A Bug Out Scenario (TIPS)

Life under a catastrophic event is much different than you know. In fact, criminal behavior and looting come almost immediately after a natural disaster. And you might need your weapon to protect yourself and your supplies in these chaotic situations. So, if you’re a prepper, you probably already have or are planning on having an […]

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How to Start a Fire in the Rain or with Wet Wood

Under good weather conditions, making a fire can be as simple as gathering dry wood from your surrounding area and lighting it up with a match. But when hiking, living outdoors or, more importantly, during a survival scenario, you have to be prepared to deal with adverse weather conditions. In this article I will show […]

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How to Make and Use a Bow Drill Fire Starter

Finding yourself in the woods without a matchstick or a lighter should not stop you from making fire if you possess the required knowledge, such as using a bow drill fire starter. In a critical situation, it is essential to use everything you can get in order to survive. In this case, it means using […]

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