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What Is The Purpose Of A Paracord Bracelet?

A 550 paracord or parachute cord, is an elastic nylon kernmantle rope which ranges from 0.75 millimeters to 6.0 millimeters in thickness depending on the intended usage. It has a high number of interwoven strands which makes it quite elastic and gives it a fairly smooth appearance. Originally used only for the suspension lines of parachutes, […]

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Are Fish Finders Worth It?

Fishing is an essential survival skill, learning it can be very useful if you’re the outdoorsy type—the same can be said for emergencies. For newbies to the sport, here’s the biggest dilemma: Are fish finders worth it? Can the right fish finder really make everything easier? Let’s get on with the basics.  How to Use […]

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Best CREE Flashlights in 2019

Flashlights are important emergency gears for survival. They give light when no other sources are available and are much more convenient than smartphone lights when disaster strikes. With so many tactical flashlights out there, choosing the right one may prove to be difficult. ​So what is the best CREE flashlight​? My top favorite is the Streamlight 88031 […]

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Are Tactical Pens Allowed On Airplanes?

The everyday carry (EDC) movement is growing around the world. More and more people are carrying objects that can serve several purposes in times of emergencies. More and more people are becoming aware of the importance of being prepared.  Tactical pens are writing implements that can also double as a self-defense tool. It usually comes with […]

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How Much Paracord Do I Need

A survival bracelet may come in handy when you go out for ab adventure. This handy accessory is made of woven paracord, a nylon cord that has been used for parachutes since World War II. It serves many different purposes, especially during emergencies. However, the question still stands: “how much paracord do I need?” How […]

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Best Kershaw Pocket Knives in 2019

For a prepper, no other multi-function tool is as important as ​pocket survival kni​ves, like the ones made by Kershaw. You can use ​one for preparing meals, building structures, defending yourself, and improvising in the wild. So what is the best Kershaw knife? My personal favorite is the ​Kershaw ​Blur ​Pocket Knife. ​It ​accomplishes ​all […]

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Best Bushcraft Pants in 2019

The thrill of surviving the wilderness attracts many people into abandoning their comfortable homes for the challenging and unpredictable life amidst nature. This exhilarating hobby poses a real danger, especially to the ill-prepared. Insufficient equipment and inadequate clothing are bait for trouble. So what are the best bushcraft pants? My personal favorites are the Fjallraven […]

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Best Portable Backpacking Water Filters in 2019

Are you putting together a survival kit or trying to find a water filter to put in your bushcraft rucksack for your camping trip? ​I know just the products for you. So what is the best portable backpacking water filter​ that ​is suitable for emergency situations? The Sawyer Products Mini Water Filtration System​ is my […]

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