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How Long Does Sterno Last (GUIDE)

If you are a seasoned prepper or survivalist, you are probably familiar with Sterno. Alternatively, you may have heard of Sterno but are not entirely sure what it is. Sterno is a fuel made from denatured alcohol, used to heat foods in the absence of another heat source. I’ve used Sterno on camping excursions but […]

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Can You Freeze Canned Vegetables (GUIDE)

Can you freeze canned vegetables? Yes, you can. All you need is to properly store these vegetables before tucking it in the freezer. Canned vegetables, especially the leftover ones, are a waste to throw away. With food sources getting limited through the years, learning how to preserve food is becoming a necessity. Thankfully, even without […]

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How to Refill a Bic Lighter From the Top (GUIDE)

​An essential item to have in your prepping gear is a survival lighter, and a fairly cheap option is a Bic​.  A common method used ​to refill a Bic lighter is by turning it upside down and refilling it from the bottom. I find the push pin sticking out too unpleasant and I am worried […]

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Best Place To Live Self Sufficiently

After SHTF, when governments crumble and society changes, there will be few places of refuge. Lawlessness might prevail and security would be a concern. Banking institutions would fall and money would lose its value. Other vital systems would also fall and essential services would stop. This scenario is not far-fetched. It is not far from the […]

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Does Charcoal Go Bad?

I remember one weekend years ago when I was at a barbecue party. ​My friend set up the grill and brought out a bag of charcoal he kept in storage, only to realize that it w​ouldn’t light up anymore. I can’t remember what ​he did afterward, but I remember him asking,​ “does charcoal go bad?”. […]

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How Much Should A Bug Out Bag Weigh?

In case SHTF in the next 24 hours, are you ready to evacuate and go? The threat of emergencies is ever-present. We do not know when it would happen so it helps to think ahead and prepare. A bug out bag is essential for your family’s survival. It will contain all of the essentials that you need […]

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Are BIC Lighters Refillable?

The Bic lighter is one of my preferred choices for an outdoor lighter because it is not expensive, but the cost of getting a replacement each time it runs out eventually adds up. The alternative is having it refilled, but are Bic lighters refillable? In this article, we will attempt to find out if it […]

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How Long Do Clif Bars Last

Clif bars are energy bars made from organically grown ingredients with different flavors to satisfy your hunger pangs, whether you are on a long bike ride, running your route or out on the trail​. They give excellent bursts of energy while not giving up on taste. Hence, it’s a great choice of su​rvival food that […]

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