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How Long Do Clif Bars Last (GUIDE)

Clif bars are energy bars made from organically grown ingredients with different flavors to satisfy your hunger pangs whether you are on a long bike ride, running your route or out on the trail​. They give excellent bursts of energy while not giving up on taste. Hence it’s a great choice of su​rvival food that […]

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How Long Are MREs Good For (FOOD LIST)

When it comes to survival situations, food should be your main priority. Yes, you can always stock up on food, but there will always be a limit to how long you can do this. MREs are meant for emergency rations, but even these do have expiration dates.So, this begs the questions: how long are MREs […]

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What Should Be In A Go Bag (LIST)

Emergency preparedness and survival entails preparing beforehand for any and all eventualities. Preparing for disasters and accidents should be an integral consideration for many people. We live in a world that is unsecure and prone to sudden changes. We must be prepared to deal with any emergency situations that might arise.It is important that you […]

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How Long Does A BIC Lighter Last (TIPS)

An ongoing survivalism debate goes about with this question: Which is better – a BIC lighter or a survival match?  For us, both tools are essential in a kit for survival. There are pros and cons in both sides.But one more question, which is the main concern now. How long does a BIC lighter last? […]

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How Much Silver Should A Prepper Have (TIPS)

Silver is one of the more valuable metals in the market today. It can be your best security against inflation and a potential collapse of the economy. Historically, silver has been used as hard currency and retains its value even when other commodities fall in the market.In every instance of social collapse in our history, […]

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What Does Bugging Out Mean

Some people think that we, preppers, are out on the fringe of society, while others believe that we are the only ones that are really prepared for anything and everything that Mother Nature or our modern society may throw at us.But what does bugging out mean?​Essentially, bugging out is deciding to abandon your home because […]

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