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Best Place To Live Self Sufficiently (TIPS)

If governments crumble and society changes, there will be few places of refuge. Lawlessness might prevail and security would be a concern. Banking institutions would fall and money would lose its value. Other vital systems would also fall and essential services would stop.

This scenario is not far-fetched. It is not far from the truth. It might happen in the next few years or in the next century, no one knows for sure. What is important is that we prepare for the eventuality. Even if it does not happen in our lifetime, preparation is still key.

Where would be the best place to live self sufficiently in a post-disaster world?

Best Place To Live Self Sufficiently

There are some factors to consider when finding a location to bunk in post-SHTF.


It should be accessible to you and defensible should it be needed. It is up to you if you want a flat terrain or if you would rather opt for the secluded woods. Our choice in location is important because it will determine possible projects.

Water Supply

Proximity to a regular water supply is another consideration. You need to have access to clean, potable water to survive. You can rely on rainwater, but being near a stream would also help in producing electricity as well as become another source of food. You can also drill a bore and tap the groundwater.

Food Supply

Foraging for berries and other edibles is okay. Hunting game in the woods is also doable. You can also catch fish in streams and rivers. You cannot subsist on canned goods and MREs alone. To become self-sufficient, you need an alternative plan.


You must also consider defensibility in locating a prime spot for your homestead post-SHTF. You must be able to defend your property and also your lives when the need arises. A good prepper always has a plan for whatever eventuality. Traps and other warning measures would help.

These are among the many factors that have to be considered in choosing the place. Take note of them when you choose your own spot and you will be alright.

Self-sufficiency Skills

To become self-sufficient, you must also be adept at survival skills. You cannot enjoy the luxuries of modern society in the forest. You cannot enjoy the creature comforts you have grown accustomed to. You must adapt to the place, you must adapt to the situation.

Here are some skills which would help you become self-sufficient:

  • Gardening – Growing your own food crops is going to be the norm. Knowing how to cultivate a backyard garden is an advantage because you already know what to do if the situation arises. You can propagate plants from your own crops and you will be self-sufficient in terms of greens.
  • Canning – Canning food enhances their flavor and lengthens their shelf-life. The principle of waste not, want not would be of importance in a post-SHTF society. Learn this skill and you will not go hungry.
  • Animal raising – Raising chickens and a few pigs would help sustain your food supply. Some knowledge of how to do this would definitely come in handy if you’d rather not become a vegetarian, and want a source of meat protein other than fish.
  • Hunting and fishing – If you know how to hunt and fish, you will never be hungry. Just look at the different tribes in the world who have thrived just by hunting and gathering. Should the need arise and you have no choice, but to do it, knowing how to do these two things will help you survive.


The best place need not to have everything you need. It should have the basics, however. In the end, you’re the one who will make the place self-sufficient. As long as you consider your family’s safety and their needs, you can make any place as perfect as possible.

Your location choice would spell the difference. Self-sufficiency is important in making a place perfect. You need to provide food and shelter as the most basic necessities. Anything else extra would have to be considered gravy.

Continue to prepare. There is no guarantee that tomorrow would be as great and abundant as today so we must be ready to face any eventualities. Make it a way of life.

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