Can I Use Kerosene in My Zippo

Can I Use Kerosene in My Zippo (GUIDE)

If you have a Zippo lighter that you depend on for flame, you are probably interested in keeping that lighter in working order. Many types of fuels can be put into a Zippo, but not many of them are going to make it work as intended.

The good news is I am going to address the question of whether or not kerosene can be used as a fuel source for your Zippo.

Can I Use Kerosene in My Zippo

Can I use kerosene in my Zippo? No, kerosene can’t be used as a fuel source in a Zippo. You will not be able to get your Zippo lighter lit, and even if you manually light the wick, you will not be able to keep that wick lit for long.

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Safety with Combustible Fuel Sources

Since you will be handling highly flammable fuels, it’s essential to consider safety. Using eye protection and gloves in well-ventilated areas is a must when you are handling these materials. I am going to discuss several fuels for your Zippo lighter, and all of them are very dangerous.

The storage of these fuels is another important consideration. Handling them is one thing, but where do you keep them? You likely store extra gasoline and maybe oil. Add to that the danger of storing a mix of highly combustible materials in proximity to another.

These fuels will all answer the question asked in this response; however, you should not fill the cabinets under your kitchen sink with naphtha. Ideally, you will want to keep these fuels in an outdoor shed that is as far from your home as possible. If a fire were ever to start, this collection of chemicals would turn a small fire into a rapid inferno.

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Zippo Lighter Fluid Alternatives

Despite the fact that you cannot use kerosene in your Zippo, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any substitutes for you. I am going to have a look at a couple of alternatives that could be stored at your home and can be used if you run out of your typical Zippo lighter fluid.

Remember, it doesn’t do you much good to have a Zippo if you don’t have any fuel. At best, you are carrying a metal projectile.

20% Kerosene 80% Gasoline Mixture

While kerosene itself will not work inside of your Zippo, you are going to be able to make your own homemade fuel for the Zippo if you have kerosene and gasoline.

This mixture will give off enough fumes to run your lighter. Remember, the Zippo is going to light, and stay lit, off the fumes from your fuel source. This is why many fuel options do not work.

Denatured Alcohol

Denatured alcohol is ethanol that has a collection of additives to make it poisonous and taste terrible. These additives are added to discourage recreational drinking.

In many places around the world, alcohol for drinking is highly taxed. These alcohol products are denatured to keep people from escaping those taxes by drinking this product.

Now that you understand this weird denatured alcohol situation, you can use this product in your Zippo lighter. This stuff is easy and cheap to purchase. Stock up on it, so you have another solution.


A common and very effective solvent, naphtha is a hydrocarbon that is most often derived from crude oil or coal tar. You will find this product being used in things as varied as laundry detergent to processing fuels like gasoline.

Naphtha will work in your Zippo lighter. You can store this product in your garage, but be careful because, like most of these fuels, it is highly combustible.

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There is a kind of culture that goes along with the Zippo lighter. They are very important to the people who carry them. Now you have options when it comes to refueling that lighter. Either store up on that Zippo fuel, or keep some denatured alcohol around as a substitute.

If you are planning on keeping that Zippo in operation long after resources have become scarce, be sure you also consider having extra wicks around, too! Or you can learn how to make your own wicks. These can burn away, and then all the fuel in the world won’t help you.