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Best Lightweight & Budget Bushcraft Tarp in 2023 (REVIEW GUIDE)

What is the best lightweight, budget bushcraft tarp? In my opinion, the best bushcraft tarp is the Aqua Quest Safari Tarp.

This tarp is very durable, extra waterproof with two different waterproof coatings, and dries out very quickly. It’s also built to provide many years of constant hard use.

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Just because you’re out in the wild when it rains doesn’t mean you have to relegate yourself to getting soaked. I’ve found that one of the best solutions is to invest in a good tarp, which is designed to be a quick and easy way to keep you and your possessions dry while you are out hiking or camping in the wilderness.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to selecting the best bushcraft tarp for you. Keep reading, and I will tell you what qualities I like to look for in a tarp, and I’ll also provide you with two more examples of bushcraft tarps that have each of those qualities.

Reviews of the Best Bushcraft Tarps

1. Aqua Quest Safari Tarp – Best Budget Bushcraft Tarp

Aqua Quest Safari Tarp

The Aqua Quest Safari Tarp is a heavy-duty bushcraft tarp that is designed to protect you from all kinds of elements, including rain, bugs, and wind.

Many people have reported how they slept underneath this tarp for several hours of heavy rain and wind, and it did a good job of protecting them. This tarp is built with the highest quality manufacturing methods and will stay up for many years of heavy use.

One of the best features of the Aqua Quest tarp is how it comes coated with two waterproof coatings on both sides of the tarp, making it one of the most waterproof tarps on the market. You’ll stay fully dry even under intense rainfall, so long as you remain entirely under the tarp.

Furthermore, the tarp will dry quickly, even after becoming covered in rain and water. This is good for you because it means you can stow it away faster in your backpack rather than waiting for it to dry out, and it also will not have any unpleasant mildewy smells that many lower quality tarps will get while drying out.

All in all, the Aqua Quest Safari Tarp is a solid choice of a waterproof bushcraft tarp. It is admittedly a bit on the heavier side due to the stronger materials that it offers, but this increase in weight should also be a small price to pay when it comes to preventing moisture and keeping yourself dry and safe.


  • Very durable
  • Comes with two waterproof coatings
  • Has reinforced tie-out loops
  • Dries out very quickly
  • Ships with a lightweight storage bag


  • Very heavy for a tarp

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2. Sanctuary SilTarp – Best Lightweight Bushcraft Tarp

Sanctuary SilTarp

The Sanctuary SilTarp is a high-quality bushcraft tarp that is also compact and easy to stow away in a pack. If you’re looking for a well-made bushcraft tarp to bring along with you on your next backpacking trip, the Sanctuary will be a great option.

First and foremost, the Sanctuary is designed to keep you dry, and it will accomplish this task effortlessly thanks to the 30 denier ripstop nylon material that is further coated in PU and silicon for excellent waterproof quality. The seams are also fully taped in order to prevent general wear and tear.

Besides the tarp itself, a line, micro line lock adjusters, line tensioners, and six stakes are provided with the Sanctuary, which will be more than enough attachment points for most uses.

However, the line tensioners can be a little bit tough to adjust.

A stuff sack is also included to complete the kit and carry everything included; you can then place the stuff sack inside your backpack for ease of organization.


  • Comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer
  • Very flexible
  • Waterproof
  • Very durable ripstop nylon material
  • Compact and easy to tarp
  • Seams are taped to help prevent wear and tear
  • Ships with a stuff sack


  • The line tensioners are hard to adjust

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3. ENO Profly Tarp

ENO Profly Tarp

While ENO is perhaps most famous for their high-quality hammocks, their tarps are equally as well made.

The ENO Profly Tarp is an excellent tarp for keeping you shielded from strong winds, rain, and snow. It has six different attachment points, which gives you a variety of different setup options.

The Profly is built out of 210D ripstop nylon, which is very durable and waterproof to ensure that you will remain cozy for the entire night. It’s further been coated with waterproof materials to further enhance its waterproof qualities.

The Profly can either be used with other ENO hammocks or as a standalone product. The biggest negative to the Profly is that, as with most ENO products, it is definitely a bit on the more expensive side. Of course, ENO has a phenomenal reputation, so it’s expected that you’ll pay a higher price for their products.


  • Very versatile and easy to set up
  • Ships with a stuff sack to hold everything
  • Very durable and well-made thanks to the 210D ripstop nylon construction
  • Waterproof
  • Has six attachment points


  • More expensive than the other options

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How to Choose the Best Bushcraft Tarp – Buyer’s Guide

When looking for a tarp to use for bushcrafting, you shouldn’t just buy the very first tarp that you come across in the store. A tarp that you use for work purposes at home or at your shop is not the same that you’ll use for bushcraft purposes out in the woods on a hiking trip.

The bushcraft tarp that you buy should come with each of the following features:


The whole point to a bushcraft tarp is to keep you protected from the elements, including rain and wind. Avoid buying a tarp for bushcraft use unless it has been proven to last well in a number of different weather conditions.

Examples of durable materials to look for in bushcraft tarps include poly, vinyl, silnylon, cuben fiber. Each of these materials will resist the elements well while also being affordable.

In addition, the tarp should also come with UV protection and waterproof coatings to further protect from the sun and the rain, respectively.

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Compact and lightweight

One of the biggest differences between a bushcraft tarp and a regular tarp at home is the fact that a bushcraft tarp needs to be very compact and lightweight.

Your tarp should be able to fit into your pack without taking up too much space, and it also needs to be light enough to carry over long distances.

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Easy to setup

There will be a number of times when you will need to set up your bushcraft tarp quickly, either because it has begun to rain or because darkness has fallen.

The tarp you select for bushcraft use should be fast enough to set up in a matter of minutes. This is the big advantage of using a tarp over a tent: while tents may offer you superior protection, they can also take a significant amount of time setting up.

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Square shape

A square-shaped bushcraft tarp simply offers more versatility when it comes to set up options. It also offers you and your gear plenty of protection from the elements. Square tarps also use more material than other shapes of tarps, which is good for durability and water resistance.

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Large number of attachment points

Without attachment points, a bushcraft tarp will be very limited in terms of what it can do. At the bare minimum, your tarp should have at least four attachment points, but six or eight would be even better.

More attachment points offer more versatility in regards to how you can set up the tarp.


Finally, be sure to buy a waterproof tarp that meets your budget. The best advice to follow will be to buy the highest quality bushcraft tarp that is still affordable for you.

My Choice for the Best Bushcraft Tarp

My choice for the best bushcraft tarp is the Aqua Quest Safari Tarp. It’s durable, well-made, extra waterproof, and dries out far more quickly than other bushcraft tarps on the market.

However, both of the other bushcraft tarps that I have also covered here are a good fit too. The ENO Profly Tarp and the Sanctuary SilTarp are also very well made and have strong waterproof qualities, to name a few examples.

Top Rated Bushcraft Tarps

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