est Hammock Stand for an ENO DoubleNest

Best Hammock Stand for an ENO DoubleNest in 2023 (REVIEW GUIDE)

Finding the best hammock stand for an ENO DoubleNest takes some research. The best option is almost certainly the SoloPod stand, also made by ENO.

It’s exceptionally durable, takes no time to put together, is relatively easy to reposition, and was built to accommodate the ENO line of hammocks. Like ENO’s popular hammocks, the SoloPod is relatively affordable and within most outdoor enthusiasts’ budget.

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Buying an ENO DoubleNest hammock might sound like the ticket to luxurious lounging, but unless you’re setting up in a forest with perfectly-spaced trees, you’ll quickly see that they’re not so easy to use.

Take your backyard, the most convenient of lounging locations, as an example; do you have any trees or posts to hang your DoubleNest from? Perhaps not, and that’s where a hammock stand becomes incredibly useful.

The SoloPod is an obvious choice since it’s made for the ENO hammocks, but there are plenty of other hammock stand manufacturers. Armed with a little knowledge, you can choose your own stand and be ready for lazy summers in no time.

Reviews of the Best Hammock Stands for an ENO DoubleNest

1. ENO SoloPod Hammock Stand


When choosing a hammock stand for your ENO Doublenest, one of the best options comes from the hammock’s own manufacturer.

The ENO SoloPod is the perfect lounging setup for your DoubleNest with a portable and very stable multi-piece construction, sleek design, and adequate weight capacity for you and one other hammock user.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Solo Pod is its shape: an inverted arch with four small feet connecting it to the ground. Those feet nearly disappear when fully set up, giving the illusion of a sleek curve perfectly balanced on your living room floor or patio.

Put together, the SoloPod weighs about 63 lb – a little more than most people would like to carry by themselves. However, the frame breaks down into eight pieces, which can be fully assembled without any tools in a matter of minutes.

The SoloPod doesn’t come cheap, though, costing double or triple what most of the off-brand stands do. For many hammock users, that cost cannot be justified by the SoloPods ease of setup and attractive shape.

If you’re looking for the absolute best hammock for your DoubleNest, you can’t go wrong with the SoloPod, but it’s not a great choice for budget-minded consumers.


  • Same manufacturer as your hammock
  • Easy to put together
  • Attractive design


  • Expensive
  • Lower weight capacity

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2. Zupapa Hammock Stand

Zupapa Hammock Stand

The Zupapa is one of the best budget hammock stands, costing about half of what ENO’s SoloPod does. Fortunately, a lower price tag doesn’t mean it’s of lower quality.

The thick steel frame of the Zupapa actually has the highest weight capacity of any of the hammocks included on this list – 550 lb. That’s a full 150 lb more than the DoubleNest is designed to hold. Maybe it’s overkill, but it certainly provides some peace of mind.

Even with its higher capacity, the Zupapa weighs 10 lb less than the SoloPod, which is only built to hold 400 lb. That makes it a little more portable, especially since the Zupapa’s tubular frame slides together without the need for any tools.

The H-shaped base does take up a lot of space, though, 46 by 63 inches to be precise, so make sure you’ve got enough square-footage to set this one up.

However, one of the biggest complaints with this stand is that it doesn’t feel like all the parts fit together properly. When you swing in it, the chains and tubing rattle, suggesting there’s too much space between the component parts (the tubes lock together with simple spring-loaded buttons).

The whole frame wobbles when you’re swaying too; however, that could probably be fixed with some cardboard under the offending feet.

The Zupapa excels with its high capacity and very portable frame. You get what you pay for, though: it takes up a lot of space and isn’t very stable.


  • Budget-friendly price
  • Excellent weight capacity
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble


  • It has a wide footprint
  • Noisy when swaying
  • Feels unstable

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3. Sunnydaze Hammock Stand

Sunnydaze Hammock Stand

If you’re looking for a bare-bones hammock stand that won’t set your wallet back, the Sunnydaze is a solid option. It doesn’t have many stand out features besides the price, but it does everything well enough to suit most people’s needs.

The frame only weighs 25 lb, less than half of what some of the other hammock stands do. Granted, it’s only rated to 400 lb, but since this is the same capacity as the DoubleNest, it’s not really an issue. If you’re thinking about taking this hammock stand camping or just have the tendency to move it around your backyard, the lighter frame is a huge advantage.

The Sunnydaze is also quite adjustable, with several different hanging heights available. All you have to do is reposition the provided hooks into a different set of holes to move it closer or farther away from the floor.

That’s not so say everything is great about this low-priced hammock stand. The design isn’t the most stable, with the feet barely touching the ground and making it prone to tipping. If you’re looking for a highly stable stand to do some swinging with, this is not it.

Unlike most of the other stands, the Sunnydaze doesn’t come with much hanging hardware. There are no chains or carabiners, just a hook. As such, you’ll have to waste some of the DoubleNest’s length to get it mounted properly.

The Sunnydaze is neither stable nor easy to hang your hammock in, but it’s pretty inexpensive and doesn’t weigh much.


  • Fairly inexpensive
  • Lightweight design
  • Variety of hanging heights


  • Not enough surface area for stability
  • Hanging hardware is lacking

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4. Sunnydaze Solid Wood Arc Hammock Stand

Sunnydaze Solid Wood Arc Hammock Stand

If you’re setting a hammock up in your living room, there’s a good chance powder-coated steel won’t fit with your decor. For an indoor setup, the Sunnydaze Solid Wood Arc Hammock Stand is ideal, with a warm look that is much more visually appealing. It also sits low to the ground and has a curved shape that permits a more comfortable, natural hammock hang.

There’s a good reason that most hammock stands are made of metal, though – wood doesn’t hold up to the elements as well. The materials are all weather-proofed, but if you leave it out in the sun or rain, it will fade and warp.

The wooden frame also only has a 400 lb capacity, which is the same as the DoubleNest, but won’t give you the peace of mind that comes with some of the sturdier hammock stands.

The stand is designed to be put together once and left in place, standing in contrast to the easy to assemble metal stands. More hardware and tools are required to get this one together, so if portability is important to you, this stand probably won’t serve you well.

As far as wood hammock stands go, the Sunnydaze is top-notch and will suit indoor hammock users very well. However, it’s less weather-resistant materials and difficult assembly makes it a niche product.


  • More aesthetically pleasing
  • Curved shaped allows for a more comfortable hang


  • Harder to assemble than most hammock stands
  • It doesn’t hold up as well when placed outside
  • Lower weight capacity

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How to Choose the Best Hammock Stand for an ENO DoubleNest – Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a good hammock stand for your ENO DoubleNest doesn’t need to be a difficult affair; you’ll just need to ask yourself a few questions before making a purchase. Most stands will accommodate the DoubleNest just fine.

Will it fit your hammock?

You would think hammock stands would be fairly universal, and for the most part, they are, but it pays to check that it fits with the hammock you already own or plan to own. The biggest consideration is length; some of the super long (and very comfortable) hammocks won’t fit the more compact hammock stands.

Look for a stand that is at least two feet longer than your hammock length.

While not a consideration with the DoubleNest, some hammock stands can accommodate spreader bars (packable hammocks like the DoubleNest don’t have these).

Spreader bars keep the ends of the hammock open, preventing the fabric from cocooning around you. If there’s any possibility of upgrading to a spreader bar hammock, make sure the stand can fit them.

How much weight will it hold?

Weight capacity is one of the most important considerations when choosing a hammock stand. The DoubleNest hammock is designed for two people and can hold 400 pounds.

For the sake of safety, choose a stand that can hold at least this much. In the future, you might trade out the DoubleNest for something larger or with more capacity, and you don’t want to be shopping for a hammock stand again.

Is some assembly required?

No hammock stand comes fully assembled; it’s a question of whether putting it together is a ten-minute ordeal or an afternoon-long Ikea nightmare.

If you plan on moving your hammock stand around, whether it’s to take it camping or because you move frequently, it’s a good idea to choose a hammock stand that goes together with a minimum amount of effort and tools.

What’s it made out of?

Your hammock stand should outlast the hammock it holds, and the only way it’s going to do that is with a durable design and excellent weatherproofing.

Metal stands are usually powder-coated, so they’re maintenance-free, even if you leave them out in the elements.

Wooden stands are a little more complicated; they’ll usually have a thick weatherproof coating to protect against rot and termites, but if you leave it uncovered on the patio, don’t be surprised if its lifespan is shortened. It also might need a coat of stain every few years to keep it looking nice.

Can you move it?

Weight is one of the most overlooked aspects when purchasing a hammock stand. If you’re just going to set it up on your patio and never move it around, by all means, pick the burliest and most durable stand you can.

Many hammock users like to shift positions with the stand, following (or avoiding) the sun, taking it on camping trips, or just reorienting the patio when you feel like a change. Pick a stand that you can move by yourself, or a partner, without disassembling it.

My Choice for the Best Hammock Stand for an ENO DoubleNest

Surprise, surprise, the best hammock stand for the ENO DoubleNest is a stand made by ENO themselves – the SoloPod! Sure, it’s pricey, but the construction quality is second to none.

It’s heavy, but do you really need a portable hammock stand? This stand is primarily for backyard adventures, and if you need portability on occasion, it’s probably worth it to just look for a good pair of trees to hang from.

However, hammock lovers wanting a little more capacity without any extra weight should look at the Zupapa. It’s not as stable as the SoloPod and takes up more space, but it’s still a solid option.

Budget-minded consumers would probably prefer the Sunnydaze – perhaps the wood version if you want a homier look.

Top Rated Hammock Stands

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