Best Quail Egg Incubator

Best Quail Egg Incubator in 2023 (REVIEW GUIDE)

What is the best quail egg incubator? In my personal opinion, it is the HovaBator 2370 Advanced Incubator Kit, with an IncuTurn automatic egg turner, a digital display control module, and a digital hygrometer.

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There is something quite magical about watching a clutch of eggs hatch that you have incubated yourself, and quail eggs are no exception. However, the overall success rate of this endeavor often mirrors the quality of the incubator that is used.

Although many options and styles of quail egg incubators exist, not all are created equally. A quality incubator leads to high hatch rates and a high overall level of success, while lesser units can leave you scratching your head.

Read on to find the information that you need to allow you to make an informed decision when choosing the right incubator for you.

Reviews of the Best Quail Egg Incubators

1. HovaBator 2370 Egg Incubator Advanced Kit

HovaBator 2370 Egg Incubator Advanced Kit

The HovaBator 2370 Egg Incubator is substantial enough in size that it should suit the needs of virtually any flock owner, short of those operating a commercial hatchery.

With an advertised capacity of 70 quail eggs, this unit will likely leave an ample amount of room to expand, should your hatching ambitions grow.

One unique feature that is utilized by this incubator is its purpose engineered egg turner that gently rolls the eggs six times daily. While one might believe this to be of negative value, since many turners cycle on a more frequent basis, there is a very specific reason behind this rate of turn.

When eggs are present in an actual nest, they are generally rotated an average of six times a day, making HovaBator’s system likely as concise of a representation of nature itself as can be had in an incubator.

This unit also comes complete with all the bells and whistles that most home hatcheries seek when choosing an incubator. Included are a forced air fan, a digital display with push-button temperature controls, a digital hygrometer, and two 5″x4″ viewing windows.

The shell of this unit is also made from durable Styrofoam for increased longevity and improved insulating qualities.

Additionally, this unit is quite impressive in its ability to house a relatively high capacity of eggs, and a great number of features, into a package that is still somewhat compact in nature.

With overall dimensions of 18″x18″x10″, transport should be of minimal issue, likely making this the right choice for those not seeking a stationary unit.


  • Egg turner replicates nature
  • Two viewing windows
  • Digital hygrometer


  • None so far

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2. Currens Automatic Digital Poultry Incubator

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The Currens Incubator is a quite sizeable unit, boasting a 56-egg capacity. This should easily cover the needs of most individuals that are not attempting to hatch on a grand scale.

Considering the fact that many individuals hatch no more than a couple of dozen eggs at a time, this incubator will likely be sufficient in size and capacity.

This incubator also features a hollow, basket style egg tray to maximize air circulation for even and consistent temperature control. This can be an important detail when striving to maximize hatch rates.

The unit’s Automatic 2 Hour Turning Technology further assists in ensuring that all eggs receive the proper amount of warmth.

One of the definite high points that are advertised with this unit is its versatility in the variety of eggs that you can incubate. Although you are currently considering the availability of quality quail incubators, it is always nice to know that one unit can cover all your needs, should you decide to incubate other varieties of poultry or fowl eggs in the future.

This incubator is also equipped with a multi-compartment sink for water containment. This should allow for a high level of ease pertaining to water dispersion within the unit. The water that is contained facilitates the humidification that is necessary for optimum hatching success.


  • Hollow basket for even air circulation
  • Automatic 2-hour turning
  • Ability to incubate different types of eggs


  • Smaller size

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3. Triocottage Automatic Egg Incubator

Triocottage Automatic Egg Incubator

If you are looking to hatch a small number of eggs at a time, the Triocottage Automatic Egg Incubator is likely to be just what you are looking for.

This unit is just about as compact as an incubator can possibly be, allowing for an absolute minimal use in space for both storage and use. This incubator also only weighs approximately 3.5 pounds, easily making it the lightest unit on this list.

Another noteworthy feature of this incubator is that it comes complete with an egg candler. This allows an individual the ability to check the status of the eggs contained within. With the use of this feature, you should never be left in the dark regarding the progression of your eggs in their journey toward hatching.

This unit also comes with a heat preserving Styrofoam shell. This is an exciting feature to see included, as Styrofoam is renowned for its insulating properties. This insulation, in theory, should not only keep heat in but protect the unit and the eggs within from lower ambient air temperatures as well.

It is also worthwhile to note that just because this unit is small in size does not mean that it’s absent of some of the features typically included in larger sized competitor’s models.

This miniature incubator comes complete with a built-in forced air fan, automatic egg turner, digital controls, and a stepped water sink.


  • Very compact
  • Includes an egg candler
  • Styrofoam shell for insulation


  • Holds only 1-8 eggs

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4. Magicfly Fully Automatic Egg Incubator

Magicfly Fully Automatic Egg Incubator

The Magicfly Fully Automatic Egg Incubator has a 24-egg capacity, which places it within the middle tier regarding size within this list. Although this might come as an inadequacy to some large home-hatching enthusiasts, the casual hobbyist who hatches solely for enjoyment should expect little issue.

One feature that is definitely worth mentioning with this unit is its completely transparent exterior shell. This will allow full visibility of the incubation process and should allow an outstanding vantage point from which to watch the hatching process take place.

This presents a unique experience for children, or other interested parties, to view the moment that the hatching process comes full circle.

This unit also is advertised as being built to last, with a solid molded construction and hearty built-in electronics. This can potentially be of substantial benefit, as no one wants to be forced into buying yet another incubator, because your prior unit was short-lived.

Additionally, this unit is not in absence of all the regular features that home hatcheries have come to depend upon, such as circulatory fans, automatic egg turners, customizable temperature controls, and water basin.


  • Transparent shell for easy viewing
  • Built-in electronics
  • Automatic egg turners


  • Medium size capacity

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5. Smartxchoices Digital Mini Egg Incubator

Smartxchoices Digital Mini Egg Incubator

If hatching just a handful of eggs at a time falls in line with your homemade hatchery game plan, then the Smartxchoices Digital Mini Egg Incubator should be right in line with what you are looking for.

This unit is advertised as having the ability to house 9 ordinary size eggs and up to 16 quail eggs.

This incubator is also advertised as being easily cleanable due to its removable and adjustable egg trays and grille. Of course, cleaning is not a chore that anyone looks forward to, so any item of convenience that can expedite this process is often a well-received addition.

The portability of this incubator also put it in a class with relatively few direct competitors. At only 4.7 pounds and 14 inches in length, it should fit virtually anywhere that you see fit. This can be of unique benefit when seeking to transport your incubator to or from a destination if the need arises.

It is also quite surprising that a unit of such subtle dimensions is packed with a complete list of features that are typical of units twice its size. LED controls, water channels for adjustable humidity, and egg turning capabilities are all included within this compact incubator. 


  • Easy-clean ability
  • Easily transported
  • LED controls


  • Small capacity

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6. GQF Digital Sportsman Cabinet Incubator – Best Commercial Quail Egg Incubator


Digital Sportsman Cabinet Incubator 1502
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Now comes with a clear door!
  • Returned items may be subject to a 20% restocking fee.

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How to Choose the Best Egg Incubator – Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to a product that can literally control the viability of your hatching operation, it is of immense value to know what sets apart quality from meritocracy.

The following are worthwhile considerations for anyone who is in the market for a top of the line quail incubator.


The entire premise of the use of an incubator is that the eggs contained within will be kept warm to a reasonable degree without any unexpected fluctuations, or stoppages in operation.

This makes reliability a cornerstone of high-quality incubators. Even a short period of inoperability can lead to a drastic decrease in viability among a clutch of fertilized eggs. For this reason, inconsistent incubators are not an option.

A quality incubator should never leave its owner in any state of doubt regarding its functionality.

When everything is operating as expected, an individual should be able to place their eggs within the incubator, set all controls as desired, and walk away with full confidence. Anything short of this level of reliability will make the incubation process a struggle.


As with any type of product, the more value that a single purchase can yield, the better the overall investment ends up being. This same principle rings true when it comes to incubators.

Most poultry owners tend to have at least some level of diversity in their flocks. For this reason, it is of substantial benefit to purchase those incubators that can handle the task of incubating various sizes of eggs.

It is relatively inefficient to be forced to purchase a different incubator every time you make a new addition to your flock. Instead, by purchasing a highly versatile incubator, it is quite common to be able to incubate turkey, chicken, duck, goose, and quail eggs in a single unit, with only minor adjustments.

Turning Capabilities

In a natural environment, poultry and fowl of all varieties instinctually rotate their eggs within their nests. This is nature’s way of ensuring even distribution of heat and maximization of hatching rates.

However, in a controlled man-made environment, such as those experienced within an incubator, this process is not facilitated unless man provides this capability.

In units of days gone by, this required an individual to turn all eggs within an incubator by hand multiple times a day, leading to a level of inconvenience and expenditure of time.

Modern quality incubators accomplish this task mechanically without human intervention. The absolute highest tier of incubators performs this function at pre-set or even adjustable intervals.

Air Flow

Just like in the case of egg rotation, Mother Nature often knows best. Within a natural outdoor environment, eggs experience thorough warming, complete with practical amounts of airflow.

When placed within an incubator, a clutch of eggs is denied this same level of naturally induced airflow unless it is otherwise provided. This is precisely where the presence of an internal incubator fan sets apart the quality contenders from the less than desirable market offerings.

Dead air incubators, while easily affordable and easily obtainable, are not necessarily known for outstanding hatching success rates.

Temperatures within these units can often vary by five or more degrees from one egg to the next and consequently waste many otherwise viable eggs. For this reason, the minimal addition in expenditure to secure a fan-driven model is a worthy investment.


The owner of a flock of any size is wise to never underestimate the value of a properly sized incubator. Being limited to the number of eggs that you can incubate at any one given time is not only inefficient but somewhat aggravating as well.

With a number of incubators of varying capacities on the market today, and only minute differences in pricing from one end of the spectrum to the other, there is little reason to be restricted in how many eggs you can incubate at a time.

Even if you only intend to incubate a dozen or fewer eggs at a time for the moment, there is no guarantee that you won’t fancy the idea of raising your hatching ambitions in the future at some point.

If this comes to fruition, no one wants to be forced into an additional purchase that would have otherwise not been necessary if your capacity had been a point of consideration in your initial purchase.

My Choice for the Best Quail Egg Incubator

While many great quail egg incubators exist on the market today, I feel that the HovaBator 2370 Advanced Kit edges out the competition, thereby warranting its crowning as the best quail egg incubator.

With a 70 egg capacity that would likely cover the needs of most backyard producers, a durable shell to sustain years of frequent use, and a proprietary egg turner that seeks to replicate nature itself, you are not likely to experience any buyer’s remorse with this purchase.

To put it simply, this incubator features the right balance of durability and functionality, while also remaining compact enough for transport, to make it a worthwhile investment for anyone in the market for a product of this nature.

While other market offerings such as the Currens Automatic Digital Poultry Incubator or the Triocottage Automatic Egg Incubator are also wonderful options, especially for the consumer in search of a size-specific unit, the HovaBator unit, in my opinion, is the most well-rounded incubator on the market.

Top Rated Quail Egg Incubators

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