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Best Archery Bow Square in 2023 (REVIEW GUIDE)

What is the best bow square? The bow square from Sheng-Rui is my top pick. It is slightly better than the other two on this list, primarily because of the bright colors and clear visibility of the measurement lines.

On top of that, the clip is nice and sturdy, and if you want, you can upgrade your purchase to include some brass nocks for a very small amount of money.

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If you nock your arrows too high, you’re going to feel resistance from the bottom of the bow string. Nock them too low, and you’ll feel resistance from the top. But if you set it just right? You’re going to land your shots every time (or at least most of them). You’ll poise yourself for some of the best shots of your archery career.

Beyond the Sheng-Rui bow square, there’s more that you should be looking for when it comes to your nock point alignment, so let’s cover everything that you’re going to need to know before you switch up your nock point.

If you’re adjusting or building your own recurve or compound bow for the first time, this is going to be a big help.

Reviews of the Best Archery Bow Squares

1. Sheng-Rui Archery T-Ruler Bow Square

Sheng-Rui Archery T-Ruler Bow Square

Fitted with a thick, sturdy piece of metal, the Sheng-Rui T-Ruler is basically the strongest bow square that you’re going to run into. Banking on the classic T-shaped design, it’s simple to use, and despite being so sturdy, it’s fairly lightweight.

You’ll notice the vibrant gold color. That makes it very easy to see the markings without needing to hold a flashlight in your mouth, but it will show scuffs from use. It’s not going to change how you use it, just how it looks.

The clips hold up extremely well, but you might have to tighten the bolts from time to time. Everything will stay nice and tight on your strings, just a bit of care from time to time is all it takes to keep this operational.

Overall, it’s inexpensive, trustworthy, and absolutely able to align your nock points. You can even get an upgraded package that gives you some brass nock points with it for pennies on the dollar.


  • Strong clips provide a tight bond to the bow string
  • Sturdy design allows it to undergo constant pressure without warping


  • While it doesn’t impede upon functionality, the finish/paint will show scuffs
  • Clip bolts can get loose over time but are simple to tighten

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2. Huang Gui Bow Square for Recurves and Compounds

Huang Gui Bow Square for Recurves and Compounds

If Sheng-Rui was a bit too vibrant for you, Huang Gui has an alternative. This all-aluminum, unpainted T-shaped bow square basically fits the bill for any no-frills archer out there.

The measurement markings are etched into place, and while this can make them a little difficult to see, they’re not going to wear off.

As a matter of fact, this entire bow square isn’t going to just wear down. It’s made of a lightweight aluminum alloy, which not only makes it durable, but it’s tough as nails to bend it and warp it in any way. At the same time, it’s also pretty tough on your skin, so don’t grip it too hard if you can help it.

You can get this in a painted version if you want. They offer blue and light red, as well as black painted metal. The black allows the markings to show up a bit easier, but the paint isn’t going to last forever. Ultimately, the unpainted aluminum is going to last a lot longer.


  • Doesn’t show damage or wear and tear even after excessive use
  • Durable and lightweight aluminum alloy design won’t give up on you or warp over time


  • Etch marks can be difficult to see
  • Rough cut – can be tough on your hands

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3. Easton L-Shaped Bow Square

Easton L-Shaped Bow Square

While it isn’t a T-shaped bow square, it gets the job done just the same. Easton’s L-shaped bow square has more visible clearance through the markings at the top, allowing for two inches of markings. If you’re trying to nock a slightly higher point (not sure why you’d want to), you have that option available.

It is the most expensive unit on the list, but even by that measurement, it’s still wildly inexpensive. If you have trouble aligning your nock point because of the traditional T-shaped bow square, this is a completely different way to achieve the desired effect.

These clips aren’t the best, but part of that is the top-heavy design of the measurement stick. Still, two inches of markings is excellent, and the markings are visible even in broad daylight.

You only have the option to get these in black with white numbering, and it may chip off over time and use. A little pro tip: you can use White-Out to refurbish marking lines on older or more used bow squares.


  • Vibrant and visible markings
  • Two inches of measured clearance at the top


  • Clips don’t have the best grip
  • Only comes in black; white numbering is prone to abrasions and damage

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Bow Square F.A.Q.

Should your arrow nock be above or below the arrow rest?

It should be ½” above the arrow rest point. This allows you to position the base of your arrow just underneath the nock point, and hold it perfectly straight for an even and clear shot.

Your bow square is the exact tool for the job. Use it to measure the arrow’s resting position on the shelf, as well as where the nock point will be.

Can you use a bow square to tie a nock knot

You can use it to align where your nock knot will be. Remember to use your exact arrows for the measurement as well, so you know where the knot should be.

If you’re using the same arrows every time you shoot, it’s going to make it a lot easier to know where your nock knot should be. There are multiple tricks you can utilize to use your bow square to aid you in tying a nock knot.

My Choice for the Best Archery Bow Square

Once again, my top pick for the best bow square is the Sheng-Rui T-Ruler. It’s strong, easy to use, and lightweight.

Top Rated Bow Squares

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