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Best Nock Pliers in 2023 (REVIEW GUIDE)

Nock pliers should be in every archer’s toolkit. They allow you to either remove old nock points or attach new ones with absolute ease.

If you spend as much time with your bow as I do, then you know that nock points can get rather bent out of shape after minimal use. They’re small and designed to be changed out regularly. That’s where these pliers come into play.

So what are the best nock pliers? The best nocking pliers have to be the simple yet effective pair from Zonon. This miniature kit comes with six nock settings, as well as a measurement tool to help you find the right way to hang them.

Whether you’re installing new ones or removing the old, these nocking pliers make the process simple thanks to the bowed handles, granting you a lot of power in one fell swoop.

I’ve tried using standard needle-nose pliers or beak pliers in the past, but they just don’t do the trick. Nocking pliers are designed specifically for nock points and turn a chore into a simple task.

I’ve laid out the four best nock pliers that I’ve personally used, and three out of four of the ones on this list are in the permanent toolkits of fellow archers that I shoot with.

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Reviews of the Best Archery Nock Pliers

1. Zonon Bow String Nocking Point Plier Set

Zonon Bow String Nocking Point Plier Set

This set from Zonon is an all-in-one kit. The pliers themselves come with an antiskid handle that reduces slipping when you’re really trying to press down on them, while the additional parts of the kit—the measurement tool and six nock points—add some value to it.

It’s cost-effective, for sure, but it also ensures a smooth pull-off of your old nock points. At least if they’re not brass; since brass is very malleable, this might damage old nock points that you’re trying to remove, or dent new ones if you’re trying to put them on.

The shape of the handle gives you a lot of power, while the soft-grip touch works well for the time that you have it. It’s prone to wearing off the more you use it, but even so, the shape alone gives you good dexterity.


  • Comes with a measurement tool to trace your nock points
  • Wide handles give you excellent strength and control
  • Includes six nock points to attach to your strings
  • Anti-skid nylon coating keeps your hands where they need to be


  • May destroy brass nocking points
  • Handle texture wears down after three to six months

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2. Carbon Express String-Loop Nocking Pliers

Carbon Express String-Loop Nocking Pliers

With multiple spots to slip the string into, you can use two nock sizes, which come in handy if you’re adding nocks to separate bows.

The soft-touch handle of these pliers from Carbon Express is fairly comfortable, but overall, you have to apply more pressure to the handle than you would have to if you were using another brand.

When attaching D-loop nocks, you’ll be able to compress them quickly and attach them to the bow string in no time. The physical cut of the metal for these nock pliers is fairly rough.

You’re more likely to get your finger pinches in the hinges than if you were using another pair, but if you’re careful (or use gloves), you’ll be fine.

The reason this became my second-most favorite is that you can use it to remove old nock points with absolute ease. It’s a step-up from the initial kit, but based on the price and ease of use (or lack thereof, in comparison) it makes the very close second spot on the list.


  • Multiple sized holes for different string sizes
  • Large bowed grip promotes proper hand placement
  • Gives a permanent tightness to D-loops
  • Heavyweight; won’t slip in your hands


  • Rough cut, easy to pinch your fingers on it
  • Requires more pressure to use than expected

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3. Nika Archery Nock Pliers Set w/ Nocking Points

Nika Archery Nock Pliers Set w/ Nocking Points

Much like my first pick, this nocking kit comes with a little bit of everything. You get a measurement tool, commonly referred to as a bow square, but it’s painted completely black—this makes it a bit difficult to actually see what you’re doing the entire time.

I like the simple rubber grip and I enjoy the durable construction—it feels like it’s going to last for a long time. Many brands try to use a soft-touch material on the handle that just ends up feeling frayed or worn down after a while. There’s nothing wrong with reliable rubber.

If you like to bring tools with you in your quiver or bag when you go shooting, you’ll be glad to know that this is ultra-light and slips right into any pouch you have. You have to apply a good amount of pressure to enact the clamp, but it does the job well.


  • Comes with four nocking points
  • Sturdy grip
  • Pliers are well-cut and not sharp or jagged
  • Durable construction for longevity


  • Measurement tool is fairly difficult to read
  • Plier springs are exposed, making it easy to damage

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4. SAS Nok Set Pliers

SAS Nok Set Pliers

SAS makes some of the best bows on the market, but they find themselves at the bottom of my list for a reason. These nock pliers are sturdily built, made of steel and designed to last. The handle material is very comfortable as well.

However, although the handle is ergonomically designed, it actually feels very awkward to try and hold it due to the distance between the ends of each handle. It works, but if you have small hands, you’ll really have to stretch it out to grasp the other handle.

It’s a bit stiff to close, which can be remedied with a bit of grease, but it shouldn’t behave like this right out of the package. That said, it clamps down tight and secures your nock points. You can choose from four packages, each of which has different gauges (strands) depending on what type of bow you’re using.


  • Choose between four different gauge nock points
  • Includes a total of six nock points
  • High-quality steel construction


  • The ergonomic handle shape is actually a bit inconvenient
  • Feels stiff to close (I recommend WD-40)

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What Are Nocking Pliers

Nocking pliers (or simple nock pliers) are used to attach nocks, usually made of brass, to your bow string. They can also be used to remove brass knocks.

Nock pliers will work on just about any material for bow nocks. You can use the assistance of a flathead screwdriver to remove nocks without damaging the strings.

The main point behind them is to apply nocks to your string with machine-like accuracy—no sharp edges, no mishits. They are a handheld, manual tool that speeds up the process of attaching nocks without having to tie knots.

How to Use Nocking Pliers Effectively

Most of the design takes care of everything you need to do. The difference between these and needle-nose pliers resides in the shape of the edge.

When you apply pressure to crimp the new brass nock point, it will close the new nock point against the string.

However, if you were to use needle-nose pliers, you’re going to be left with sharp edges—sharp enough to cut your fingertips when you try to draw back and nock an arrow.

Apply them to the string with the nock in place, squeeze, and you’re basically done. A good pair of nock pliers will make the job ultra-fast, and ensure zero sharp edges when you’re done.

Can You Remove a Nock Point with Nocking Pliers

Yes, you can. Nocking pliers may remove the nocking points altogether, or you may need the assistance of a flathead screwdriver in your alternate hand.

Use the pliers to grip the nock point while you slip the edge of the screwdriver into the nock set. From here, position the screwdriver to begin wedging the point out while holding it steady with the pliers.

When loose enough, gently pull on the handle of your nock pliers to remove the loosened nocking point. Brass is the easiest to remove.

How to Adjust Nocking Points

If you’re not using a tie-in nock point, then you’ll be able to adjust your nocking point with a pair of nock pliers.

If you’re installing a new bow string, you can essentially thread it through the central section of the new nocking point first. Tie your loops to make the string stay on the limbs, and then adjust the nocking point upwards.

Use the nock pliers to crimp it into place so it doesn’t move around on you. This process will be different for a compound bow versus a recurve bow.

To adjust new nock points, you can gently untighten them and use the nock pliers to slide it up and down the string. This will work best on newly waxed strings or brand new strings.

My Choice for the Best Nock Pliers

The Zonon set was an easy first pick in this list of the best nock pliers. After using their nock pliers and feeling the anti-skid nylon, it just flowed. It was easy to use, and thanks to the handle design, you barely have to apply any pressure to actually use it.

On top of that, the bow square and nock points are good quality—it makes everything a one-stop-shop package deal, all without skimping on quality.

You usually have to choose between convenience and quality, but with Zonon, it’s an even balance of both. If you’re serious about archery, this is a pair of nock pliers that should last you a lifetime.

Top Rated Nocking Pliers

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