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Best Chicken & Poultry Scalder in 2023 (REVIEW GUIDE)

If you have ever spent an afternoon plucking chickens, it goes without saying that you are well aware of what a tedious task this can be. Plucking chickens can be a dirty and inherently frustrating job that tends to be intensive in both time and labor.

Luckily, the production of market grade chicken scalders has streamlined this process, allowing the scalding of multiple chickens to take place simultaneously.

So which is the best chicken scalder for making your chicken preparation chores a breeze? My favorite one is without a doubt the Dux Industries Poultry Scalding Vat with its 115-volts, 1,500-watt capabilities, and sizeable 14-gallon capacity.

As easy as it is to venture out and buy a chicken scalder on a whim, you will be much happier with your purchase if you take the time to adequately familiarize yourself with several other quality market offerings.

With this being said, look no further, as I am about to provide you with all the needed information to make a decision that you can be proud of when purchasing a poultry scalder. 

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Reviews of the Best Chicken and Poultry Scalders

1. Dux Industries Poultry Scalding Vat

Dux Industries Poultry Scalding Vat

If you are in the market for a scalder, you are probably looking to make a one-time investment that will hold up for years to come, providing consistent service along the way.

If you find this to be true in your case, then the fiberglass construction of the Dux Industries Poultry Scalding Vat will be worthy of your attention.

Fiberglass is used in a variety of products that require long sustained functionality. Due to the repeated heating and cooling cycles that are part of regular life for a scalder, the Dux Industries unit should make for a helpful poultry preparation companion for years to come.

This potentially saves money, as a long-lived unit prevents repeat investment, should a premature failure occur with other units.

This Scalding Vat also possesses a more than capable 14-gallon capacity, and 115-volts, 1500-watts heating element, giving it merit as a product worthy of a look by prospective buyers. Dux Industries also claims that this unit heats to operating temperatures in 10-25 minutes, making ease of using a viable consideration.

One drawback to this scalder is that with a hefty weight of 54 pounds, it is advisable to have a means of increased mobility that facilitates easier movement. However, if you plan to store your scalder in a singular location, then this will probably be of little concern to you.


  • Fiberglass construction
  • Large 14-gallon capacity
  • Fast heating to operating temperatures


  • Lack of mobility due to the weight factor
  • Less powerful heating elements

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2. Rite Farm Products Pro Scalder

Rite Farm Products Pro Scalder

If you are looking for a poultry scalder, the odds are good that you are looking for a quick and convenient way to complete your chicken plucking chores.

What many individuals quickly find out is that not all scalders are created equally. The unstable temperatures and extensive heating times that are commonplace among many scalders makes the scalding process lengthy and leads to wasted time and frustration.

The Rite Farms Products Pro Scalder should bypass this issue in its entirety. This scalder utilizes a 240-volts, 3,000-watts burner that stands as a substantially beefed-up version of the burner units utilized by other comparable market offerings.

This extra heat allows the contents of this scalder to thoroughly heat the poultry within, allowing feathers to be plucked with ease.

Also of value is the Pro Scalder’s larger than average capacity. At a total capacity of 18.5 gallons, multiple chickens can be scalded at one time, leading to increased efficiency when completing your plucking chores. This increased capacity also allows for comfortable fitment when attempting scalding larger birds, such as turkeys and geese. 

If any downside exists with this scalder, it would pertain to cosmetic irregularities. Rite Farm Products is clear in their statement that because every one of these units is hand-built and shipped to customers from a centralized distribution hub, some light scratches or other imperfections are to be expected.

However, if the cosmetic qualities of your scalder are of little concern to you, then this should be a non-issue.


  • First in class burner capabilities
  • Expansive 18.5-gallon capacity
  • Fast heating burner regulates temperatures quickly


  • Is prone to cosmetic irregularities
  • Requires dedicated 30 amp breaker for use

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How to Choose the Best Chicken and Poultry Scalder – Buyer’s Guide

When choosing which poultry scalder is right for you, there are several variables and features to consider. Ease of use, durability, and functionality are all key considerations that should bare extra weight when making your decision.

Ease of Use

The point of using a scalder within the chicken cleaning regime is to expedite the process, saving both time and labor. Scalding works by heating chicken feathers to temperatures above 140 degrees. This allows feathers to loosen from the chicken’s skin, thereby making plucking a breeze.

Because of a scalder’s worth as a means of streamlining the process in general, it is of great importance to possess a unit that completes this task efficiently and as intended.

A scalder that quickly heats to operating temperatures, accurately regulates temperature, and provides even and thorough scalding, is worth its weight in gold.


You are obviously seeking to purchase a chicken scalder as an investment, to save time and increase efficiency in your chicken preparation endeavors. As with any investment, you want to make this a one-time expenditure that carries out its intended purpose over an expansive life span.

This makes durability perhaps the most significant of all factors when choosing which chicken scalder to purchase. 

Items such as structural integrity and basic control unit longevity are both vital areas of concern when considering the overall durability of any unit that is being considered.

The durability of the overall unit is only as good as its weakest component. Therefore, you must be wide sweeping in your analyzing of chicken scalders that are of interest to you.  


The truth is, any product is only as good as its ability to live up to manufacturer’s claims, and chicken scalders are no exception. If a scalder does not function as advertised, there is very little chance that you will be content with your purchase.

Does the unit warm up in a reasonable time? Do chickens come out of the scalder evenly heated and ready to pluck in a timely manner? These are all things that are of value when choosing a scalder that you will be proud to own.

If you can’t rely on a chicken scalder to quickly and efficiently loosen a chicken’s feathers, you are no better off than you would be in the absence of owning such a unit.

Plucking without the aid of scalding first is aggravating, but probably immensely less so than having spent your hard-earned money to purchase a scalder, only to reap no benefit to the overall process.

My Choice for the Best Chicken and Poultry Scalder

If you are seeking to locate the best chicken and poultry scalder to make your chore of plucking chickens less time consuming and labor-intensive, then the Dux Industries Poultry Scalding Vat is probably the best overall option available to the general consumer.

While many noteworthy scalders exist in today’s market, few offer the same range of capabilities as this one.

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