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Best Pickaroon / Hookaroon in 2023 (REVIEW GUIDE)

What is the best pickaroon / hookaroon? For the money, I think the Fiskars 28-inch hookaroon is the way to go. It’s a good length for most people, and the design is made to keep it lightweight so you won’t get tired after a day’s work.

The head bites into wood smoothly without getting stuck or coming out too easily. The fiberglass handle can stand up to some abuse without falling apart, and it absorbs some of the impact when you strike the wood. It also comes in at an affordable price point.

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Once you’ve used a pickaroon or hookaroon, you know what an incredible back saver they can be when moving wood. On the face, they seem to be a pretty straight-forward tool, featuring a handle with a curved spike or hook at the end.

How different can brand one be from another? The answer is: extremely. A good pickaroon or hookaroon won’t fall apart, protects your hands from blisters and fatigue, and is solidly built so you don’t have to dodge any sharp heads that fly off the handle.

That said, while the Fiskars may be the best option for the average user, if you have unique needs, there are other elements that you need to consider.

If you want something with an old-school look, a tool designed and manufactured in the U.S., or a hookaroon that has some real weight or length behind it, there are a variety of different options out there to suit your needs.

What you don’t want is to end up with a tool that’s too short, too heavy, or is so poorly designed that it makes the work harder rather than easier. So keep reading and I’ll share with you all the tips to pick the right tool for you.

Reviews of the Best Pickaroons & Hookaroons

1. Fiskars 28-inch Hookaroon

Fiskars 28-inch Hookaroon

This hookaroon from Fiskars hits all the right notes at a totally doable price point.

I think the 28-inches option is right at the short end of the sweet spot when it comes to length. Taller people might need to reach for a longer tool, but this will suit most users, and the length makes it light enough that your arms won’t be burning at the end of a day of work.

It weighs in at 1.8 pounds, which is just heavy enough to add some weight behind your swing to make the job easier.

The head is perfectly designed to bite into the wood and hold on tight without getting stuck thanks to the thick pick with a slight hook at the end. The pick has teeth for extra grip. It releases the wood easily, and when you aren’t using it, it is protected by a slick sheath.

The hollow handle absorbs some of the impacts as you’re working, and the flare at the bottom ensures that it won’t slip out of your hand.

On the downside, I think this tool looks a little cheap and synthetic. The composite fiberglass material isn’t as easy to replace as a wood handle, but it can stand up to some real abuse.


  • Lightweight
  • Smart head design
  • Affordable price
  • Sturdy composite handle


  • Teeth can get stuck in wood
  • Handle can’t be replaced

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2. The Council Tool Hookaroon

The Council Tool Hookaroon

If you don’t like the look of synthetic tools, the Council Tool hookaroon is an appealing option. While it comes in at about the same price as the Fiskars hookaroon, instead of a synthetic handle, it has a sturdy hickory wood handle. The handle has a slight curve to improve the ergonomics and grip.

The head, which is forged in the U.S., is attached with a sturdy bolt, so it won’t fly off while you’re using it.  At 1-½ pounds, the head has enough weight behind it to slide easily into wood. Council Tool has a reputation for long-lasting, well-made tools. That said, the hook needed to be sharpened a bit to really slide into the wood.

At 36-inches, it’s a bit long for some people, but just right for anyone who is a bit taller. The 3-pound overall weight is a bit too heavy if you have a long day of work. The solid wood handle transmits more of the impact from striking the wood into your hand and arm, so you’re likely to tire sooner when using this hookaroon.


  • High quality
  • Good length
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Replaceable handle


  • Heavy
  • Wood handle doesn’t absorb as much impact
  • Hook needs sharpening

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3. Woodchuck Tools Hookaroon

Woodchuck Tools Hookaroon

This Hookaron from Woodchuck is one of the more expensive tools on this list. It features a steel head and an aluminum handle, and comes in at 32-inches, which I think is within the sweet spot for length.

Those few extra inches above the Fiskars length don’t add a ton of weight, however. It comes in at just under 2 pounds. That’s about right to keep you from getting exhausted while still having enough weight to help you sink the tool into the wood.

It has a lifetime warranty and is made in the U.S.A. The hollow handle absorbs much of the impact when you strike the wood, and the handle is curved to help you maintain your grip without getting fatigued.

The head is designed to wedge itself into the wood without sliding out too easily, and it manages to do that most of the time. The downside is that the metal seems to wear faster than other tools on this list. It also feels like more of the weight should be more balanced towards the head to make the job easier.


  • Lightweight
  • Good length
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Sturdy design


  • More weight needed in the head
  • Steel wears down
  • More expensive

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4. LogRite Hookaroon

LogRite Hookaroon

The LogRite hookaroon is one of the priciest models on this list. While you get what you pay for, I wouldn’t say that this is necessarily the best for the money. The tool is 32 inches long, which is about average, and weighs nearly 3 pounds – which is heavy for the size.

The aluminum handle is covered in a textured rubber grip, which overall adds to the comfort and grip, and reduces fatigue. The designer created the tool in the U.S. to be able to stand up to abuse without bending or breaking, and you can really get a feel for that when you swing this a few times. It feels sturdy and solid.

The head is a bit different than the others on this list. It’s made out of a round and pointed spike rather than a wedge, which makes it slide easily into the wood. The drawback is that it tends to slide back out of the wood when you don’t want it to.

The other problem is that the rubber handle wears off over time and, because the handle is rounded, it’s impossible to tell which direction the hook is facing by just picking the tool up. That doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it ends up wasting a lot of time over the day when you have to keep rotating and adjusting the tool rather than getting to work. The straight handle lacks some of the ergonomic benefits of other tools on this list.


  • Heavy duty
  • Durable
  • Head sinks into wood easily


  • Pricey
  • Round handle makes hook orientation hard to determine
  • Heavy
  • Rubber handle wears off
  • Pike slips out of wood too easily

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5. Peavey Manufacturing Hume Pickaroon

Peavey Manufacturing Hume Pickaroon

This pickaroon isn’t cheap, but it’s well-made. It has a steel head and hickory wood handle with a straightforward design that has a classic look to it.

The tool is 36 inches long, which might be too long for some people. It’s the right length if you’re tall, but if not, you’ll find it’s a bit too unwieldy. It weighs over 2.5 pounds, which is about right to give you some help to sink the head into wood, but a bit heavy, adding to your fatigue over the day.

The head is a little blunt and really takes some effort to sink into wood. It is also wrapped around the end of the wood and held in place with a bolt, so over time, it begins to shift around on the handle and needs to be continually tightened.

The wood handle is well-made and can be replaced if necessary, but, like all solid wood handles, it doesn’t absorb much of the impact, so your hand might get more tired than it would with a hollow handle.


  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Good length


  • Pricey
  • Dull head
  • Heavy

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How to Choose the Best Pickaroon / Hookaroon – Buyer’s Guide

Like choosing any other yard tool, selecting a hookaroon / pickaroon hinges on finding the right tool for your unique requirements. You have to decide whether you want a tool that is light enough to work with for hours while sacrificing the help that extra weight adds. You need to factor in your height and whether or not you’re comfortable sharpening your tool.


The handle of the pickaroon / hookaroon is key. Older models often feature straight handles, while newer designs have a slight curve to improve the ergonomics and save you some aches and pains. It also needs to be durable, no matter what material it’s made out of, so it doesn’t split, crack or fall apart.

I prefer a handle with some sort of padded grip because it absorbs some of the impact and cushions your hands so you can work longer.


The tool needs to have enough weight to help you sink the head into the wood without being so heavy that you get exhausted after a short while.


A pickaroon / hookaroon has to be the right length for you. The point is to save you some bending and lifting, so if the tool is too short or too long, it sort of defeats the purpose.


The metal part with the spike at the end of the handle is the head. This needs to be made of sturdy metal that’s attached securely with a bolt or some other fastening. On top of that, the pike needs to be just right to slide into the wood and hold on without getting caught or slipping out.

Pickaroon vs. Hookaroon

Before you pick your tool, determine whether you prefer a pickaroon or a hookaroon. A pickaroon has a straight spike at the end. Typically, this design goes into the wood easily but may slip off if you don’t use enough force getting the spike into the wood.

A hookaroon has a little hook at the end of the spike. This keeps the wood on the tool better, but can get stuck.

My Choice for the Best Pickaroon / Hookaroon

The best pickaroon / hookaroon out there is the one that fits your needs, and for most people, that’s the Fiskars 28-inch hookaroon.

With an average length, it saves your back. The sturdy handle can take what you throw at it, the head is designed to maximize each swing, and the ergonomics and light weight reduce fatigue.

While you can’t replace the handle if it breaks, it comes in at a price that means you can replace it if it fails, but the sturdy design will likely last you for years.

Top Rated Pickaroons & Hookaroons

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