Are Bic Lighters Refillable

Are BIC Lighters Refillable?

The Bic lighter is one of my preferred choices for an outdoor lighter because it is not expensive, but the cost of getting a replacement each time it runs out eventually adds up. The alternative is having it refilled, but are Bic lighters refillable?

In this article, we will attempt to find out if it is possible to refill a disposable lighter like Bic.

Safety and Manufacturing Standards

Bic Lighters conform to the ISO9994 Safety Standard which means that Bic Lighters meet the standard for maximum flame height, heat temperature resistance, resistance to falls and flame extinction.

Bic also uses a safety guard attached to its spark wheel making it child-resistant.

The company uses a specialized equipment that has a 100% quality control check, removing nonconforming products.

Their employees are trained to monitor quality and safety on all their products.

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Are Bic Lighters Refillable?

According to the company, all Bic Lighters are not refillable .

By the description itself, Bic Disposable lighters are disposable, therefore, non-refillable. The manufacturing and safety standards employed by Bic is to protect consumers from any hazards that the use of their lighters may bring.

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Bic Lighters Up Close – Anatomy of a Bic lighter

Before we discuss whether refilling of Bic lighters is possible or not, let’s discuss first the anatomy of a Bic Disposable Lighter. Knowing what makes your lighter tick inside will be very helpful later when you try to refill it.

The guard. The guard is a semi-circle contraption that covers the spark wheel in Bic lighters making it child-resistant.

The spark wheel. The spark wheel is the roller wheel that you flick to create a spark on the lighter. Bic lighter uses a serrated hardened steel wire to make their spark wheel.

The hood. The hood is made of steel and acts as windshield and heat protection to the lighter.

The fork, the fork spring and the jet. These three different parts work together to make the lighter function properly. These three parts control the release of gas from your lighter.

The flint and the flint wheel. These two parts also work together to feed the spark wheel enough flint to generate a spark.

The valve. The valve is a small tube where the gas flows. It helps regulate the flow and level of fuel to keep the flames constant.

The body and the base. The body is the case that holds the fuel and all parts of the lighter together, while the base is it’s covering. The base helps to control how much fuel is released. The body of the lighter can be plain or imprinted with design to make it look attractive.

The ball. The ball is the seal that keeps the fuel trapped inside the body and the base.

Refilling Bic Disposable Lighters

The purpose of any company is to make a profit and Bic is no exception. Making their lighters refillable will defeat this purpose.

However, with just a little research, you’ll learn that it is possible to refill Bic disposable lighters.

Bic disposable lighters can be refilled using butane which is readily available in the supermarket. Follow this quick and easy step to refill your Bic lighter.

  • Once your Bic lighter runs out of fluid, you can push the ball bearing found at the bottom of the lighter.
  • Once the hole is open, fill it up with glue using a glue gun.
  • Press the glue in and then use a push pin to pierce it.
  • Take the can of butane and press the nozzle into the pierced filling making sure that it fits correctly.
  • Fill it up for about 30 seconds then remove the nozzle.
  • Use a push pin to keep the fluid from spilling out
  • Flick the spark wheel and the lighter lights up again.

When refilling your lighter, make sure that you are not near any flame to avoid accidentally burning yourself or causing the lighter to explode.

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The process touted as impossible was made possible with a little ingenuity and creativity.

Refilling disposable lighters has proven to be successful despite the manufacturer’s claim to the contrary.

If you take proper precaution, it is a safe procedure and if it can save a lot of costs, why not.

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