How Long Do Clif Bars Last (GUIDE)

Clif bars are energy bars made from organically grown ingredients with different flavors to satisfy your hunger pangs whether you are on a long bike ride, running your route or out on the trail​. They give excellent bursts of energy while not giving up on taste. Hence it’s a great choice of su​rvival food that you should store.

Clif bars are manufactured using mostly organic ingredients such as rolled oats and nuts with other products mixed in to provide you with necessary energy and nutrition while you are on the go.

But how long do Clif bars last?

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Food Safety Perspective

Best before dates are different from expiration dates. Best before dates basically help ensure the freshness of the product. It is different from the date the product will turn rancid or inedible. The expiration dates are, as the name suggests, the date at which the food may have already turned bad even if it hasn’t been opened yet.

Generally, food needs to be consumed way before their printed best before dates. This is done to ensure the freshness of the product. However, consuming food after their printed best before dates need not scare you at all. This is because food producers do include a bit of allowance before the food really begins to spoil.

Energy bars made from organic ingredients do not really go bad from a food-safety perspective. They will change in terms of texture though. Energy bars tend to lose moisture and would turn harder as time passes. They will also lose some of their sweetness and the overall taste would change somewhat. This is because they will lose the freshness that was in its ingredients, the ones which give it the proper taste and texture. They would also gradually lose the nutritional value but would still be edible if and when needed.

Storage Matters

From a prepper’s standpoint, it seems the storage conditions would be a contributing factor to the longevity of the Clif bar. Food that is opened and taken out of its protective wrapper would generally spoil faster than the ones still properly wrapped. Storing food in high temperatures would also expedite the deterioration process. Your food would easily change in taste and texture quickly in this environment. Food stored under conditions with lower temperatures tend to taste better and last longer as well.

However, it does not mean that you should remove the Clif bars from their wrappers, place them inside a container and then keep it in the freezer to extend their shelf life. In such cases, it is actually detrimental to the shelf life of the product as it exposes it to various elements which would contribute to faster deterioration.

Things to Remember

Technically, any processed food can be eaten beyond its printed best before date. Some corners have some fast rules that can be considered when eating food past the expiration or best before date. Here are some of them:

  • Do not eat food whose containers have bulged. Whatever is inside has already gone past the point of being eaten.
  • If it looks good, it’s good enough to be eaten. As long as there are no visible molds on the surface, you can still munch on them. However, even a small amount of mold could be harmful to you and cause food poisoning.
  • If it still smells good, it probably is still edible. If your nose says it still smells good, then it probably is. Your nose detects foul odors and brain receptors determine if it is still good or not. It may not be as fresh but it can still be eaten. If it smells sour or rotten (unless it really has that funky smell), it’s probably best to dump it.
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Remember, only eat food items that are past their best before or expiration date if you have no other option. It would be better to not risk your own well-being just to enjoy a snack you like. You can eat Clif bars even if they are way past their best before dates and still enjoy it. It will not be as flavorful nor contain the same nutritional value, but in times of emergencies then it would have to do until you get better sustenance. Always make sure that you check it thoroughly before you eat it, however!

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