Best Eberlestock Bug Out Bag

Best Eberlestock Bug Out Bag in 2023 (REVIEW GUIDE)

What is the best Eberlestock bug out bag? My favorite bug out bag from Eberlestock is the Gunslinger II. It provides plenty of storage space; it’s very comfortable and extremely durable.

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Do you have a plan for leaving your home when disaster strikes? If your home and neighborhood are no longer a viable place to live, you must be prepared to leave. If you have no plan, then you are going to be forced out of your home by circumstance and must react.

Once you set aside a location that you can call your BOL or bug out location, now you have a place to seek refuge if all goes bad. Your BOL has to be a location where you can live self-sufficiently; something like a cabin on a mountain, or a place in the woods that you are very familiar with.

If all hell breaks loose, then you are going to need to get out of dodge in a hurry. This could come from a cataclysmic natural disaster or a serious episode of civil unrest. Any situation where your home is threatened and you must leave to stay safe could be a reason to bug out.

You need to have a good bug out bag ready if you are going to get away from this calamity with the things you need to survive on the other side. Keep reading, and I’ll show you my top bug out bag picks from Eberlestock.

Reviews of the Best Eberlestock Bug Out Bags

1. Eberlestock Gunslinger II

Eberlestock Gunslinger II

The Eberlestock Gunslinger II lends itself to the tactical bug out bag better than any other bag on the market. It is superior in design and built to sustain life and protect it in the worst conditions.

It comes built to store food, water, survival gear and your AR, M16 or another rifle platform internally. This adds protection to that weapon.

This 8 lb pack comes standard with the Eberlestock Intex II frame design. Your pack will be secure, supported, and safe to carry.

The Gunslinger comes in a variety of colors, and the tough and durable fabric makes it ideal for work in the field. You can pack up sleep systems and even a single person tent into this bag and still have room for your bug out loadout.

If carrying a long weapon is important to your bug out plans, you cannot leave the G2 out of the conversation.


  • Rifle carrying case
  • Vast space
  • Intex II framing


  • Adjustments have limits for taller users
  • Rain cover not included

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2. Eberlestock Destroyer Pack

Eberlestock Destroyer Pack

The Destroyer pack is an Eberlestock bug out bag that was designed to meet the needs of the European military. This very design was literally designed for military use! The Destroyer is a high level internally framed backpack.

The 500D ripstop nylon Cordura material is the perfect makeup for the best Eberlestock bug out bag. If the rain becomes overwhelming, you can even use the included rain cover, which is concealed in a small pocket on the bottom of the bag.

If your bug out puts you through dry environments or high heat temperatures, this pack is unique in that you can carry 2 water bladders!

So, if you can handle the weight, you will be well hydrated. A variety of MOLLE and harness capability gives you the means of attaching rifles, tent poles, or even sleeping bags.

The Destroyer gives you a tremendous amount of options, and the sturdy yet lightweight framed pack makes carrying heavy loads much easier when you are bugging out.


  • Carries up to two water bladders
  • Water-resistant material
  • Internal frame


  • Not as comfortable as the Gunslinger

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3. Eberlestock X2 Pack

Eberlestock X2 Pack

The X2 Pack looks the part. If you aren’t going to be carrying a long rifle on your bug out, it would be my choice from this list. This efficient, highly modifiable pack is the perfect platform for your unique bug out needs.

The Ample FlexChassis can be used to flip forward as a seat, or you can use this feature to tether loads to your pack.

The X2 is also designed to fit the A1SS and the A2SS Scabbard, which are designed to carry shotguns or full-scale hunting rifles. If you want to be armed, these attachments are worth including.

The X2 is built from a microsuede waterproof fabric and essential waterproof construction. The padlock webbing and strategically-placed tie points are both great for placement but are strong enough to carry heavy loads.

This backpack was tough-tested with a 100 lb bag of sand and a long-distance ruck. The straps, base materials, and zippers all stand up to the grueling weight. A note: your bug out bag should not be 100 lb! So, keep that in mind when you are packing.


  • Modular system for customization
  • Waterproof fabric and design
  • Tested for durability


  • Rain cover not included

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Why You Should Choose an Eberlestock Backpack as Your Bug Out Bag

While many bags are created for a multitude of purposes, the Eberlestock line is created for and used by military, police, and even snipers! These bags are built for a specific purpose, and it’s not for carrying science books.

Not all bags are created equal, and when it comes to a bag designed for rucking and action in the field, it only makes sense that this would translate to the bug out.

Safe and Secure Load

The physical and mental strains of a bug out are real. Most people understand that a 20-mile ruck with your family is going to be demanding. However, they don’t consider the potential of injury and what that means.

When you have a pack on your back that weighs 40% of your body weight and is not tight to your body, well, you have some serious potential for injury. Not to mention you might be carrying tired kids or other people’s bags during the bug out.

If your back gives out on the first 5 miles of the ruck, then you have a serious problem.

The Eberlestock backpacks are designed to hold tight to the body with their internal frame, high-quality shoulder straps, adjustable chest strap, and the ability to center the weight with compression straps and a belt strap that can be tightened to displace the weight of the load.

That is the type of carrying that promotes safety.

Carrying Firepower

Depending on the situation, your bug out might require that you carry some firepower. If you are dealing with hostile forces or other dangerous people with firearms, you might carry a rifle to protect you and yours, at a distance.

While kydex holsters are great for carrying small weapons on a daily basis, you will have a much tougher time carrying a full-size rifle or shotgun. That is where an Eberlestock bug out bag really shines.

From webbing to built-in rifle cases, these bags are built for active duty, and they give you the carrying capacity to bring along that long weapon.

Your bug out plan must include everything you need to be successful. If that plan requires a firearm, the last thing you want is to have a big pack on and a rifle case in your right hand.

Massive Carrying Capacity

There are those out there who claim to have an ultra-light bug out system. Most of the time, an ultra-light bug out system is carried by a solo survivalist. It’s very hard to cover tens of miles with a family and an ultra-light bug out bag.

What you are going to need is the massive carrying capacity of an Eberlestock bug out bag. These packs can carry as much as 60L!

Of course, there are hard limits to the amount of weight you want on your back. If it gets too heavy, then you are not going to be able to make the distance. However, carrying things like extra food, clothes and even some firepower is going to not only take up space but add weight.

You do not want to be ill-prepared for your bug out because your bag does not have the space to be effective.

My Choice for the Best Eberlestock Bug Out Bag

While any of the packs that I have reviewed would be a fine companion in an SHTF situation, the Gunslinger II is hands down the best Eberlestock bug out bag. Its ability to carry that long rifle option or shotgun in a zippered case is a huge benefit.

The G2 also offers that massive carrying capacity with a safe and secure load to assure that you are not putting your back at risk of injury. That is just something you cannot afford on a bug out. You would have no problem building out the ideal bug out system with the Gunslinger as your go-to bag.

Another great feature is that it could double as your get home bag, in the event that a disaster strikes while you are at work and you must get home, on foot, through dangerous conditions.

The Eberlestock bug out bag is certainly a piece of gear worth adding to your loadout. These bags are built tough for those on duty, and that translates well to disaster preparedness.

Top Rated Eberlestock Backpacks

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