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Bug Out vs Bug In – Choose Right

Bug out vs bug in – those are your two options if SHTF.With the recent political chaos, terrorism, and economic tension all around the world, this question has proved to be the most divisive on many survival and prepper forums. As a survivalist or a prepper, you must be very interested to know what’s the […]

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Survival Cooking – Off Grid Cooking Methods

Nowadays we are all so used to the day to day luxuries that we are receiving straight to our home, like gas or electricity, that we have built our lives up around them. We take for granted the easy access to food.But what if one day something happens, and you would be left without heat […]

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7 Off Grid Communication Options

In our day and age, we are so used to hyper-fast communication with just about anyone worldwide, that we have basically become dependent on this technology. Broadband Internet and smartphones have made it easier than ever to talk with who you want at the push of a button. Or better yet, a simple tap on […]

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Common Prepping Mistakes Checklist

By learning about these common prepping mistakes you must avoid, you can make sure that during an emergency you’re prepared to do what you have to do to get yourself and your family to safety. For people interested in survival and prepping, the best mindset to have is to hope for the best but prepare for […]

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Choosing The Right Bug Out Bag For You

A bug out bag backpack is important especially during an evacuation; it should last you for 72 hours. It is a kit that you will take with you to help you survive. It normally contains basic needs for you to live for 72 hours, should you need to evacuate due to a calamity. It should […]

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Bug Out Bag List – Essential Items And More

A bug out bag is a handy or portable small bag or kit that is used to store items you may need to survive a disaster. It is different from a survival kit as the contents of a bug out bag are items that will let you survive for 72 hours, should there be a […]

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