Silver coins for preppers

How Much Silver Should A Prepper Have

Silver is one of the more valuable metals in the market today. It can be your best security against inflation and a potential collapse of the economy. Historically, silver has been used as hard currency and retains its value even when other commodities fall in the market.

In every instance of social collapse in our history, precious metals have always retained their value as a trading commodity. It is because you can use it for trade now and stock it for future use.

Silver is a better investment than gold. Silver is more attainable and costs about a fraction of what gold costs nowadays. You can go to any pawnshop and come out with a reasonable amount without emptying your pockets completely. Besides, silver is easier to carry than gold and would attract less attention.

There is no one size fits all answer to the question about how much silver a prepper should have stocked. There are different scenarios that can be considered by preppers when trying to determine how much silver you have to stock.

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How Much Silver Should a Prepper Have

Here are three different scenarios wherein stocking up on silver would be a great investment:

1. Personal Savings

As an employee you do not need to spend all your money in one go. It would be smart to save some for a rainy day, as people say. When the economy goes for a downturn and you lose your job, you need funds to tide you and your family over until you get another work offer.

It is pretty safe to have at least six months of living expenses saved and ready for disposal. If your employment gets terminated or if you experience a health issue, having enough stashed away would help to survive.

You can have it in hard cash or fiat currency but there is always the risk of inflation. Inflation decreases the value of what you have in fiat currency. Keep in mind that you might not always have access to your stash if your money is tied up in the bank.

Besides, bank interest rates are skewed to yield extremely low returns.

A solution to this would be to keep a secure stock of silver, as its value has been increasing over the past few years. It may not make you a millionaire but a decent investment can give you a nice profit margin once liquidated.

2. Financial Crisis

The United States of America experienced huge economic crises in 2001 and 2008. Investors drove the price of precious metals to an all-time high. They consolidated their investments into something more tangible and conservative rather than in risky ventures in the stock market.

During this time, we saw record high numbers of unemployment. We also saw a lot of people’s finances go belly up as the uncertainty drove markets into a downswing. Millions of people saw their investments lose value and their retirement funds wiped clean.

How much silver should a prepper have?

Again, it is a matter of personal preference limited only by your disposable resources. It is still a good rule of thumb to have a stash of silver lying around equivalent to at least six months’ value. Any more than that is up to you.

3. Economic collapse

When SHTF and an economic collapse is imminent, all paper currency would be worthless. An economic collapse would result to a readjustment and restructuring of the economic system. Since paper money would be worthless, silver and other precious metals would be a highly tradable commodity.

I would suggest diversifying your resources since you must not put all your eggs in one basket. As a prepper, your ultimate goal is to strategically prepare yourself for anything that could happen. Be capable of self-sufficiency by learning how to grow your own food supply and generate your energy.

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Stocking up on silver is an acceptable investment for a prepper because it would help him should SHTF. Personal preference and extent of resources would be among the indicators of how much silver a prepper should have. Diversifying resources and stocking up on survival skills and knowledge would ultimately have a more profound impact on how you would survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

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