first my family 4fkit survival kit review

First My Family 4FKIT Survival Kit (FULL REVIEW)

This 72-hour emergency preparedness and first aid supplies is offered by First My Family, a disaster preparedness company. It promotes readiness and preparedness to ensure that you and your family are safe during a disaster.

First My Family All-in-One 4 Person, 72 Hour Bug Out Bag Emergency Survival Kit...
  • FIRST AID: When disaster strikes, minor injuries can quickly become major problems. Our disaster preparedness kit comes equipped with an 85-piece first-aid...
  • WATER: In an emergency, clean drinking water is critical to your survival. First My Family emergency kits are equipped with a 72-hour supply of emergency...
  • FOOD: Time is of the essence during an emergency, and food is often forgotten. Our disaster survival kit comes with one 2400-calorie food ration packaged...
  • SHELTER: When displaced by an emergency, you need the right tools to keep yourself safe and sheltered. Our disaster preparedness kits include a poncho,...
  • WARMTH: Disasters can leave you exposed to the elements. Our emergency kit for natural disasters (earthquakes, fires, floods) contains a 24-hour body...

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It is a family-owned business which aims to help families, businesses, and the entire community to get ready for an unexpected event or emergency situations. First My Family offers various survival gear, first aid kits, and other life-saving packages that will allow you and your family to survive a disaster or any type of tragedy.

The survival kit they offer for 4 persons is a premium kit containing emergency preparedness and first aid supplies that will last for 72 hours. The contents of this kit are stored in two high-quality First My Family backpacks. The bags contain a sufficient supply of water, food, and first aid and emergency items for 4 people.

The supplies are certified by the US Coast Guard and exceed the high standards of emergency preparedness set by the Red Cross. This First My Family 4FKIT Survival Kit is indeed an ideal emergency package for small families.

Below are the contents and features of this survival kit. I will also show the advantages, disadvantages, and overall summary for this product.

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First My Family 4FKIT Premium Survival Kit Review

First My Family 4FKIT Premium Survival Kit


  • This premium survival kit contains 24 packs of emergency water rations from Datrex; each pack weighs 4.22 oz.
  • The package also has 4 packs of emergency food supplies; they contain 2,400 calories and they taste like shortbread cookies, per some consumers
  • It also has an 85-piece first aid kit which has a guide and high-quality firm shell case
  • An LED flashlight from Life Gear is also included in the kit; it can last up to 400 hours, and it comes with free batteries
  • The survival kit also has a 5-in-1 emergency whistle with flint, compass, storage container, and signal mirror
  • It also contains 4 Mylar space or survival blankets to keep you warm during a cold night
  • The backpack also includes 4 weather ponchos that you can use during an emergency to stay dry; they are all adult size
  • The survival kit also provides 4 1-day body warmers that you will find very useful at night or when it is cold
  • The backpack also contains 4 glow sticks that will last up to 12 hours; they can be used as emergency lighting
  • The kit also includes 2 sets of leather palm gloves that you can use when working with various materials during an evacuation
  • The backpack also contains 8 medical masks that will be very useful to you during a disaster as the surroundings can be very dusty
  • This premium package also has 50 waterproof matches that are also useful during an emergency when you need to make a fire to cook or when you just need to keep warm
  • The survival kit also contains a multi-purpose pocket knife for survival
  • All items mentioned above will be stored in 2 high-quality backpacks


  • Since this survival kit contains everything that you need during an emergency, you are already sure that you and your family are 100% disaster ready
  • Getting this premium survival kit gives you total peace of mind as you have already secured the safety of your family for 3 days
  • This kit makes you and your family 100% prepared, regardless of what disaster comes your way; your kit contains items that you can use in any weather


Since everything is pre-packaged, it may contain items with brands that you would have not chosen


In today’s world where disasters have become more destructive and unpredictable because of climate change, getting ready is very important to survive. You are responsible not just only to yourself, but your entire family.

This First My Family 4FKIT Survival Kit is ideal for a small family and a great option to a hassle-free response to the call of emergency preparedness.

This package gives you 2 high-quality backpacks with emergency and first aid supplies that are good for 4 persons and will last up to 72 hours.

The food and water rations have been inspected to meet the high-quality standards of emergency preparedness set by the Red Cross. They have been also checked for safety by the US Coast guard, giving you assurance that they are safe to be stored and then consumed during a disaster.

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