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What Should Be In A Go Bag

Emergency preparedness and survival entails preparing beforehand for any and all eventualities. Preparing for disasters and accidents should be an integral consideration for many people. We live in a world that is unsecure and prone to sudden changes. We must be prepared to deal with any emergency situations that might arise.

It is important that you prepare a go bag in case you need to leave because of an emergency. Go-bags contain supplies and other necessities that would help keep you alive during a critical time.

What Should Be In A Go Bag?

Go bags carry essentials that would enable you and your family to survive in the crucial stages of an emergency. It should be light enough for you to carry around comfortably, but also has to contain all of the essentials.

Prepare go-bags for all members of the family. Each bag should carry provisions to help them adapt to any situation.

​Go Bag Item Checklist

Here are some suggested things that you need to include in your go-bag:

Flashlight – You need a source of light to keep you safe. LED flashlights provide better illumination but requires batteries. There are compact, handheld friction powered flashlights which can also provide light without the need for batteries.  Include at least one for your group of go-bags.

Water – Prepare at least a liter of water for your go-bag or as much as the person can carry.

Water-Filtration Bottle – An alternative to bringing your own water. Bring a water-filtration bottle that removes bacteria and other harmful contaminants from water sources.

Change of clothes – Always place a spare set of clothes that is built for functionality rather than style. Choose clothes that would protect you from different climate and weather conditions in the area.

Cash – Stuff a roll of cash inside one of your go-bags. It need not be a huge amount of money, but should be enough to meet your initial needs.

Identific​​ation documents – Always have your identification cards and other important documents ready inside your bag. It will help you establish your identity for verification. This would help in getting emergency relief aid from government agencies.

Battery-operated or hand-cranked radio – If the electricity is out, you would need a way to get updates about what is happening in and around your vicinity. It would also alert you on places to stay away from and enable you to prepare better.

Cellular phones and chargers – Communicating with others is important in times of emergencies. Keep a spare, functioning cell phone with the chargers inside the go-bag. In this case, the most basic phone would be the best option. It’s cheap, but would provide you with the ability communicate with others.

Whistle – You need to have a whistle to help you signal for help when there is an emergency or imminent need.

Medication – Never forget to put your medication inside your bag. Place an adequate amount of medicines inside your pill compartments. Prepare at least a seven-day supply. Remember replace the medicines when they reach their expiration dates.

First Aid Kits – Complete the kit and always have: gauze, tape, antiseptic solutions and other manner of first aid materials. They would be useful in many circumstances.

Multi-purpose tool – Swiss knives are the best for this purpose, but there are plenty of other utility tools available with varying features to meet every need.

Paracord – A paracord bracelet isn’t just for tying things together. It is a versatile material that you can use so keep some handy. For example, it can be used to hold up a makeshift shelter.

Hygiene items – Bundle soaps, towels, powder and other necessary personal hygiene items inside a small pack. Even on the run, you need to maintain a level of hygiene to ensure your health.

Tarp – In case you have to camp out, all you need is a tarp and some sturdy ropes to build a shelter. Tarps are lightweight and versatile. They offer enough protection from the elements and would keep body heat in.


Preparedness and planning go hand-in-hand. We do not know what emergencies may arise or when they might happen. In any case we must always prepare, as doing so increases our chances of survival. Remember, it is better to be prepared than be caught unaware. We hope that now you have a better understanding of what should be in a go bag.

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