Wise Food 5-Day Survival Backpack (REVIEW)

Wise Food 5-Day Survival Backpack (FULL REVIEW)

As the slogan of Wise Company states, “Disasters can happen to anyone, anytime. And because of that, you must prepare yourself and your family with survival food and supplies.” This goal is what Wise Company has held on to for a long time, and it continues to offer its consumers survival food packages that can help an individual face the challenges that a disaster can bring.

Wise Company Survival Kit, Food and Emergency Supply Backpack, Camo
  • EMERGENCY SURVIVAL KIT - Be prepared in any emergency, whether a natural disaster, pandemic or evacuation, with this survival kit containing food, water,...
  • GOURMET FOODS AND DRINKS - Containing 32 servings of delicious, ready-to-eat food such as hearty soups, cereal, pasta, milk, and water
  • FIRST AID AND HYGIENE - Includes 37 piece bandage kit, N95 dust mask, pocket tissues, 3 wet naps, and water purification tablets.
  • HEATING AND COOKING - Portable stove with 24 included fuel tablets stow safely in backpack and provide a source for boiling water or heating food, also...
  • SAFETY AND CONVENIENCE - Squeeze flashlight, emergency poncho, 5-in-1 survival whistle, mylar blanket, and even a deck of playing cards complete this...

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Certainly, we cannot control, prevent, or totally stop various events from happening in our lives. But like what has been said many times before, we can prepare for an event in our life—may it be good or bad—even before it happens.

For a good event, preparing allows us to appreciate and make the most out of the situation. On the other hand, for something that is not so good, then the impact can be minimized through proper planning.

Keep in mind, in general, life is unpredictable. It is full of surprises, good and bad. Because of this, we need to be prepared all the time. You should not wait for something bad to happen before you act to keep you and your family safe.

During an unpredictable situation, such as a natural disaster, this bug out bag from Wise Company will be with you all the way through the various food packages it offers. Wise Company focuses on providing you with food packages that can be stored for a longer period that can still be safely consumed.

Wise Company offers healthy food that can be instantly prepared by adding just a small amount of water. The variety of ready-made and reasonably priced food packages they offer are ideal for emergency situations and for outdoor events such as hiking or camping.

They provide delicious and high-quality affordable meals. The food packages are healthy and designed to be consumed even after being stored for a long time.

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Wise Food 5-Day Survival Backpack Review

Wise Food 5-Day Survival Backpack


  • This 5-day survival backpack contains food that is equivalent to 32 total servings; it includes cereals in different flavors such as apple cinnamon and brown sugar. It also contains creamy pasta, beans and rice, hearty tortilla soup, and whey milk.
  • The food packages are factory sealed and have an expiry date to indicate until when it can be consumed. For longer storage life, the food items should be stored at 55° Fahrenheit.
  • The package also contains 5 x 4.227 fl. oz. water pouches
  • The backpack also contains hygiene and first aid items such as a 37-piece first aid kit, a dusk mask, pocket tissues, 3 wet naps, and a waste bag.
  • The bag also contains additional supplies including a portable stove, which includes fuel tablets. It also has a stainless-steel cup, a squeeze flashlight, a multi-purpose survival whistle, a waterproof set of matches, and a Mylar blanket. The package also contains an emergency poncho and a set of playing cards.


  • Because of the ready-made food packages that come with the 5-day survival backpack, surviving 5 days will be very convenient. Indeed, the food packages are ideal for emergency situations, especially if you need to evacuate or if you are stranded due to a disaster.
  • Safety is not compromised as the food packages are properly sealed and labeled with the expiry date.
  • Because of the playing cards, you can still have fun and enjoy the day after an emergency.
  • Because of the hygiene and first aid kit the backpack contains, you can stay healthy and clean even during an emergency.


Having everything readily packed inside the 5-day survival backpack may not be good for some people as there are some who would prefer to shop and choose the items that they want based on their preference and needs. They can choose the brand, quality and even the cost of the product they want.


To give you a 5-day survival backpack, Wise Company has gone the extra mile to ensure that you will have what you need for 5 days in case of an emergency. This 5-Day Survival Backpack is ideal for an individual to have everything for 5 days, from food and drink packages to hygiene and first aid kits, and even playing cards.

While it may not include the brands or flavors that you want for food and drink, what the 5-day survival backpack does contain is exactly what you need in case of a disaster.

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